Saturday, September 26, 2009

Feeling Grouchy?

If I missed being online at Blogville for the past week, it is because I was grounded and I also attended a very important seminar on Performance Management System. As a government employee and maybe just an ordinary employee, I learned a lot from the said seminar. And I want to share with you what have touched me so much. It is about a closing presentation by the trainers after said two-days seminar. Brace yourselves, and hope you would feel the same way I did and still do. 

Feeling Grouchy? 

If you think you are unhappy, picture yourself in their place...


If you think your job is tough, how about him?

If you think your salary is low....what if this were you?

If you think you don't have many friends... think of him.

You think study is a burden, how about her?


When you feel like giving up... think of these men.

If you think you struggle in life... do you struggle as much as he does?

If your society is unfair to you... what about her?

What good did it do to be grouchy today?

Did your surliness drive any trouble away?
Did you cover more ground than you usually do, 
Because of the grouch you carried with you?

If not, what's the use of a grouch or a frown,
If it won't smooth a path, or a grim trouble down?
If it doesn't assist you, it isn't worthwhile.
Your work may be hard, but just do it...


When you've thank God for every blessing,
what time is there left for murmurs and laments?

If you can't be thankful
for what you receive, 
be thankful
for what you escape.

(P.S. Thanks to our very knowledgeable trainors, Ma'am Jovy and Ma'am Lota of the Civil Service Commission, Regional Office 02.)


  1. helloz Amity... what a truly delightful post.. each image supports the words like a perfect fit :) very nice to read...

    ps: ur blog is so very awesome :D why u have told it as "adult content"? please do change it in settings :) it's not at all needed.

  2. HI Amity,

    Thank You soo much for this much needed content.. life is always understandable..:)

    Thanks alott..:)

  3. Hi Leo,

    Thank you so much for your very kind suggestion...and i already changed the settings, just now...

    and yes, thanks for droppin' by....

    have a nice day...

  4. Hello Prams,

    It touched me so much I almost cried after the presentation....

    I miss yah friend!


  5. that was very very very inspirational...i feel...I live in luxury....hmmm

    thnx for the post dear

  6. ellow Priya,

    we have to thank God when we do live in luxury, you know...and we have to pray for the less fortunate,too...

    thanks for penning a comment dear.


  7. that's how I always said to my kids,.... to "please give importance on what you have now, because your's so fortunate than the others who live without nothing at all, living in below poverty is also hard to live especiaally those in the countryside whose source of living is not enough to feeds their family. Thank you for posting those images, it reminds me when I am a young boy,...

  8. yah, that's true...

    lucky are the kids who have responsible parents and are provided with luxury...

    have a nice day....