Monday, September 07, 2009

The Magic Potion

Nope. It’s not a drink that once you gobble it down your throat, would make somebody fall so much in love with you, if you might think it that way. It’s not something either that would make one get hypnotized by you if you sprinkle it on her face.  So, guess what I’m talking about? It’s all about Creative Writing. It’s that magic potion if you may allow me to believe it that way. And it’s one of my best friends. It really works for a dreamer like me.

For me, creative writing gives life to my fantasies. It tries to make my dreams become a reality. It animates my thoughts and emotions. It gives life to my hidden feelings. Yes, that’s the magic of creative writing for me. It’s really a magic potion, that’s why I love creative writing.

I learned back in high school that Creative Writing works for three popular types such as short stories, plays and poems. With this learning, it really works for me.

I've tried writing short stories already and my one attempt is still unfinished, am about to write Chapter 8 of it yet. Isn’t that too long for a short story to have so many chapters? Poems? I’ve tried some but I forgot how to really make a good one. How about plays? Never tried one.

I’ve yet to discover more things that creative writing can give me. But for now, it gives me much freedom to express my dreams and fantasies in life. Thanks for learning about Creative Writing. And thanks to my English teacher who taught me about the subject, maybe that was 26 years back then. 


  1. 26 yrs back!!!? you still remember that days on how you wrote a creative writings? for me, I don't really remember and even my teacher who taught us on creative writing subject in highschool were no longer in my memory. You have a good memory bank in your mind because until now you still remember those days in your life. Me, maybe I have already an alzhiemers huh!!

  2. Alzheimer's? You better watch out lest you forget all the important people and the people you really love in your life.

    Maybe I love my English teacher before and that's the reason why I still remember what she taught me.

    But maybe it was in college that I learned Creative Writing so I guess I am the one who's got and Alzheimer's.

  3. 8 chapters? for a short story? are you sure you are not writing a novel? :P

    Would love to see some of your creative writing :)
    Am sure it would be great!!

    The Colors Magazine

  4. Amity dear!!! wowwwww........ i just need to hug u because i so absolutely can relate to u. i felt sooooooo happy reading this.

    please work towards ur short story because i am dying to read it. don't worry about the length dear. who knows it might grows up to a novel. :) i so want to pen down my own novel though i have written some short stories. poem i keep on writing but these days i just can't write. :(

    why don't u start posting ur short story, one chapter per post?

    even i haven't tried writing a play yet. but my fingers are crossed. :)

    keep writing dear. as u see i am a dreamer too and so i can related to ur posts. :)

  5. Hope it wouldn't be happen that even my most lovable one that I love most in my life today would be forgotten due to alzheimers, I wish it wouldn't be happen but if circumstances contiues right now I'm afraid it would be, I hope these trials would end very soon.

  6. Don't lose hope. Am sure, your beloved is just busy and maybe preoccupied.Don't worry, they may just be trials, you know, to test the strength of your relationship with her:)

  7. Oh, am so sorry my dear Ms. Pretty. Due to the so many comments you made on almost all my latest posts, I overlooked one of the best comments you made. Anyway, here I have already posted it.

    I have started my short story already and I'm done with Chapter 7. I have yet to get inspiration to go about with the next few chapters of it. The title is, "Just Color My World".

    Enjoy reading it my dear and hopefully, I will get positive reviews from you, ha ha ha! Nope, just kidding and dreaming, you know!

    Have a nice day ahead, Ms. yah!

  8. and yes, Ms. Pretty, just click on the fiction on What I Write About and there you can all have the 7 chapters of my short story...:)

  9. To Lena,

    Yes, my dear, i thought it would just be a short story, but then, and maybe, i was just too inspired to keep on writing chapter after chapters and there i am done with chapter 7 and the story has not ended yet.

    It falls under fiction/short in the "What I Write About". Just click on it and there you will see all of 7 chapters.

    Have fun reading and i wish you really would have fun and of course, I want constructive criticisms from my readers like you and Ms. Pretty and Ms. Pram, for the improvement of my first attempt at short story/fiction writing.

    Really, really so long, i wonder it may already qualify as a novel, ha ha ha...:)

    Have a great day ahead Ms. Lena...:)