Sunday, September 06, 2009

Thank You Vyshu

Yes, thank you so much Vyshu for giving me that very important piece of advise should I will try again to redesign my site. I should have known it earlier.

Vyshu, life is really beautiful, isn't it? But for me, I always try to live in dreams, although it's only fantasy. There are so many beautiful things in life that are impossible to happen in the real world.

And I think, that's the harsh realities in life. Simply because you can't have everything you want in life. So I just try to live in it in my dreams...

Like all the other bloggers that I admire, you are one of the best in my list.

Keep up Vyshu because "Life Is Beautiful". You can really inspire so many others with your craft. And honestly, I am one of them.


  1. Being remembered in such a nice way
    means a lot more than just 'thank you' can say Amity ! have a wonderful way of appreciating and inspiring That's why this note is coming with the warmest thanks to you!

    You surely made my day ..!

    *I always try to live in dreams, although it's only fantasy.

    I admire your perspective towards life..Live your dreams anyway ..!There are no guarantees but there are plentiful rewards if you believe in yourself..No one is going to live your dreams for you ..Its up to you to create your own life..Why not that life filled with dreams ..may be these are the small steps for big accomplishments that got pushed frm deep inside ..:)

    You are the charming gardener who made my soul blossom ..!

    God Bless..!

  2. I am happy for taking the time to be with me even with just for a few inspiring message from you...

    And I am doubly encouraged to appreciate that life is really beautiful.

    Vyshu, I believe that you are a person who is beautiful inside out.

    Love you and take care!