Friday, September 11, 2009

Wonderful Rythm

Dance with me
To the sweet tune of the music
Sway with me
Move with me in harmony

I feel your breath in my ears
I smell your sweet perfume in my nose
I could see that tender look in your eyes
While we gracefully dance to the sweet tune of the music

I will remember this moment
When you are so close to me
I could even hear your heartbeat
And feel your gentle caress on my arms and body

This night is so wonderful
As if the moon and stars in the sky are smiling at us
Two beautiful souls moving to the gentle rhythm of the music
Trying to feel that there’s no other else in the dance floor
But only you and me 


  1. HI Amity,

    WOnderful...Soo cute i could feel when i was reading it..:) and the poem rhyme is alsoo very good :)

    Keep expressing..

  2. Hey Amity,

    Its poignant.! Wish it would continue..finishing these line is like a break from nice dream ..
    It rhymes with my heart .:) Love it and the feel you poured in is sensuous..!

    Sky and stars are smiling at us..**

    The comparison itself says how lovely their evening is..!

  3. To Pram:

    Hi Pram!

    Thanks you're back again...and thanks also for the encouragement, you people really inspires me to go on writing....


  4. Hi! Vyshu,

    i wanna let you know that you are one of them who really inspired me to pen my thoughts...thanks dear!

    keep coming back please...

    warm sunshine to you:)

  5. hahahaha, sweet it is. I don't experience it yet in dancing such a sweet like that, never been happenin my life.

  6. it in yur dreams my friend...
    and feel the wonderful rhythm of dancing the night away with your loved one...:)

  7. A lovely poem full of feelings.Came through Pramodas

  8. thanks to you Kparthasarathi of Random Thoughts? got a hard time typing your name...

    i do appreciate for caring to drop by a neophyte's site like mine...

    have a nice day and please keep coming back.:-)

  9. Just write KP or Partha whichever you fancy.
    I will visit your blog regularly.Thanks for leaving your comments

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