Tuesday, September 08, 2009

My Secret Garden

In my secret garden
Every corner of it is planted to beautiful
Colorful, bright, attractive flowers
Of different varieties and species
In my secret garden
There lives a family
A happy, blissful and contented family
Bound by love, respect and care for each other
In my secret garden
There a simple abode is erected
Where the simple amenities in life
Are enjoyed by the owners

In my secret garden
Problems are not present
The owners live a happy contented life
Far from the chaos of the modern world
In my secret garden
You can always hear the owner
Sing happy tunes of olden times
That gives a happy thump of the heart

In my secret garden
There’s aplenty
Of food and other needs of the happy family
To sustain them throughout their existence
In my secret garden
Life is beautiful
Utopian and peaceful
Perfect and wonderful
Much to my desire to live in that secret garden, too
I still have to immortalize its existence
So that I can have a taste of life in that secret garden
Far from the harsh realities in life


  1. this is what we all pray sometimes or the other. beautifully penned poem sis. if only the world was like dat...!

    may u always be happy and contended in ur secret garden and the bliss may be thr in ur real world too.


  2. you know my dear, if we can't have one so real, we end up dreaming of having a secret garden like this..

    and this can also give us much joy even though it's just a dream, an illusion..}

    i know you have a secret garden, too.

    enjoy staying in your own, sweet!

  3. I love gardens too, its gives life to a home wherein sweet and nice people live together inside that homes. I love gardens because it gives happiness and colorful relationship to the nature.

  4. yes, windel...gardens make a home look colorful and beautiful...

    but having a beautiful garden is like living in a small paradise free from the worries and cares of the real world.

    someday, somehow, i want to live in my secret garden with my beloved...:)

    thanks for dropping by again!

  5. Nice Blog u got.. i dint knw u follow my blog drunk with the thought :D
    apparently i have changed my profile name to Sweet addiction but blog is still same..
    in my secret garden i am the peaceful Flower,i m the bird that sing and i am the silent pond :D

  6. wow...this is really a lucky day for me...i again found a new friend in you...

    thank you so, so much Ms. Sweet Addiction...

    yes, you are in my blog list...

    your comment sounds one good post already...

    keep coming back please?:)

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  8. I wish I could see your secret garden before I die, and I wished I see you right there watering your secret garden and say hello to my Idol before I leave your secret garden, hahahaha, what an illusion I have.

  9. illusions are a common thing you know and you can try to just live on your dreams?

    you can come to my secret garden, virtually, ha ha ha.

    have a nice day...:)