Tuesday, September 22, 2009


"If you don't stop that blog, blog, blog you are doing, I will blog, blog, blog you!" That was the firm but compassionate statement of my hubby a week ago. And he added, "from now on, you're grounded from laying your fingers on the computer!" Huh!

I knew he was firm because he was so worried with my health but a hint of compassion in his voice suggest he will still tolerate me of my blogging spree.

It was a Wednesday afternoon in office. I sneaked into my computer and was chatting with my friend when suddenly, I felt excruciating pain in my head, it felt like it would burst. I wanted to knock my head on the wall coz it was really hurting so bad. I took an under time from office work coz I can no longer tolerate the pain and went home hurriedly with the help of an officemate, lest I would just pass out on way way home. 

I immediately lied down in bed but after a few minutes, I was sweating so hard and can no longer control the urge to empty my innards, and I did. Then I passed out. 

The doctor smiled at me, maybe to reassure me I would be just fine, but I felt I wasn't. Stress. Over fatigued. Prescriptions... prescriptions!!! Bed rest. Hot soup. For several days as implied by the doctor. And the most dreaded..., "stop being exposed to the computer and tv for the time being because of your migraine bouts and you need to consult an opthalmologist the soonest, and yes, don't forget your vitamins so your sinusitis will heal immediately". And he added, "stay in a dark room because bright light triggers migraine episodes". So, those were the culprits of that excruciating pain in my head? 

"Oh no!". I mumbled to myself.

I want to go back to blogville soon so I religiously followed the doctor's and my hubby's orders. Not too bad to be like an obedient child sometimes. And it pays.

Folks, this is my first post after my short break, but no assurance yet that I would be back to active blogging. I'll take it one day at a time.

To all of my well-wishers, Prams, Priya Joyce, Preety, Vyshu, Windel and Lena, thank you so much...you are all the reasons why I want to recuperate the soonest. And to all my other silent followers, thank you, too. I missed you all guys!

But, shhhh.......am just sneaking again, you know! Hope I will not be caught by my guardia sibil


  1. HI Amity,

    Ur interest towards the blog is appreciable, and do take care of ur own health too .., but whenever u wanna post some thing, come back and post ..then ur mind will be more refreshed and no prbs frm then .. heh .. i know how it helps in reducing the pain .. Our interests always keeps us healthyy ... dont loose ur interests at any cost ..

    ALl the best and recover soon ..

    WIth Love

  2. I always think and thought that maybe you should take a rest first before anything else, follow the advice of your doctor not to be exposed to something that might hurt your health, I know your hubby is right and your doctor too that you be grounded and take a rest. I wish that you totally healed Idol.

  3. Hi Prams,

    yah, in fact i have a post that i would like to repost re: my love for blogging...

    thank you dear for your encouragement.

    if we really love what we do, by all means we try to make it happen...

    HUGs dear!

  4. Hi Windel,

    sounds like you're my second doctor, he he he...

    but thanks anyway, for your concern...you guys are all the reason why i can't give up blogging for longer than i should know...



  5. awwww hw sweetly naughty hehe..
    but seriously i want u to tc take gud care of urself so tat we cn hav u bakk in full swing..
    we'd love to see ya fully all right n then blog..
    heyy tc dear...we're here n will be here to read ur workd..always...
    n ya do obey ur hubby heheh :P

  6. you just take very good care of yourself, ok?
    we here can wait, your health will not!
    when you feel better, check out the contest on my site :P

  7. Hi Priya,

    ...thanks dear, much to your desire, all of you to wish me to get well soon, i am more than thankful, and that would challenge me to do my best to recover fast...

    ...i missed you all...and thanks for the advise!

    love yah!

  8. Hello Lena,

    thanks for the loving reminders from you...you show you really care...

    and yah, your contest announcement, i already read it yesterday and I hope I can make one entry...quite difficult you know, but I will try...no harm in trying though!

    have a nice day...