Monday, November 23, 2009

Amity Her ;) ... Leo's Letters

Amity has been the follower of my blogs for quite some time now but I’ve become her friend in blogsville only a month or so back. I haven’t written many guest posts in blogsville and was quite delighted when she asked me to write for her one year in blogging celebration. I’ve had some other work in between that has made this little guest post possible only at this last minute. So, in case it hasn’t turned out according to your expectations, Amity, please forgive me.

Amity’s blog is called Dreams Are My Reality and it is quite intriguing in itself. Since she herself says that her dreams are her reality, I’ll go directly to her reality and talk about her. Anyone reading her blog would know that she has a talent for a certain form of poetry called Acrostics. She keeps them short and sweet, puts some effort into them too. Her poetic talent however is like an ocean. It has an endless supply and capacity and she churns them out quite regularly (nowadays, it is lessened due to another addiction of hers). She is one of the sweetest friends I have. She has a nice online voice, very kind understanding and helpful (esp. with farming advice). I’ve challenged her to write a thousand acrostics and she has accepted it with delight.

This Filipino woman is one of my few international blog friends too. She speaks to me about her country at times and has told me of some Filipino art like Vigan pottery. A passionate friend, caring mother and enthusiastic worker she is. She chooses photos for her works with care, and each word she writes adds beauty to that photograph. I’ve had the pleasure of assisting her with the template too when my Preeti di was busy to come online and fix it for her. As Maddy said in the first guest post, she came in to blogsville and stole many hearts, and won some deserved awards and badges with her poetry. Anyone wanting to read her non poetic works please do read her novelette under “fiction” label. It is a very good story series that she has written so far.

A friend so true
I found in you
You maybe far
But you are a star

Your every word
Delight to read
You help me too
When I’m in need

Acrostic ace
One of very few
Taking to forms
Be it old or new

Honest in heart
You make us smile
Be like that
All the while

Thanks for giving me this chance to write for your wonderful blog Amity.

Your fan,


  1. awesome guest post bro :)...

    **She chooses photos for her works with care, and each word she writes adds beauty to that photograph.

    thats soo true :)...

    **she came in to blogsville and stole many hearts, and won some deserved awards and badges with her poetry

    :)....she stole mine with those beautiful words...

    congrats once again amity..

    the poem was beauty bro :)..


  2. Oh thanks to you Leo...this is such a wonderful guest post and so sweet of you, I will forever remember my first year here at bloggerville!

    and to you Hemu, you came ahead to express your thoughts about Leo's guest post!

    but anyways! thanks to you both!

    you are both a bundle of support for me here, as if i am a gatecrasher at blogville, but thanks, with open hearts you accepted me!

    i was not expecting that i would meet great friends like you here and all the others...:)

    thank you, thank you and thank you!



    I promise to always give my best in writing blogs!

  3. Heyy..Leo..this was a wondrful tribute..superb poem and luvly words in the name of Amity..gr8 job..:)
    Congratulations Amity rock..wish you loads of success..keep going..!!!
    Thanks ya..

  4. loved the poem and congrats Amity :) I've started following recently and wish to thank you for all the love and suport and friendship given to me :)

  5. that is lovely post Leo!

    i completely agree with you...

  6. Congratulations on your one year anniversary! I followed you over from a post you made on Joseph Harker's blog; I also enjoy his poetry. My blog is still in it's toddler stage, and I'm happy to see your success. I'll be back to read more. Your visit and comments would be welcome.

  7. Let me contribute my flower of tribute to the garland of praises woven by maddy and Leo.Amity's blog is exceedinggly nice one and each one of her posts is very finely written.I eagerly wait each morning to read her post.She richly deserves all the awards given to her.Leo's tribute is very well written.
    I hope Amity will reach bigger milestones very soon.Cheers

  8. Congratulations . . a great guest blog. Arn't bloggie friends just the best!!!

  9. Hello Madhu;

    yeah, Leo wrote so much about me, i don't think I deserve them all, but it's really an honor you know!

    Like you, Leo is such a very supportive blogging buddy!

    I love you both!


  10. Hi Melissa;

    sure, thanks a lot, Leo was just too kind and too good to make a guest post you know!

    I am also your avid follower!

    good day Melissa!

  11. Shradda;

    thanks sweetheart!

    I owe it to Leo!

  12. Yousei;

    thanks to you!

    as you can see, I've bookmarked you, too!

    have a nice day!


  13. KP;

    such a lovely and inspiring comments!

    thanks so much!


  14. Gloria;

    Hello my friend from Spain!

    yes, blogging friends are one of the greatest!

    thanks for the greetings!


  15. A good dedication LEO :)