Saturday, November 07, 2009

Departed Against Her Will

Tiny, unwanted
Sinless, innocent
Little fetus, departed
From her mother's womb.

She will cry no more
Giggle and laugh no more
Play and dance no more
Live and grow no more.

She was put to rest prematurely
Went back to dust forlornly 
She will never see the light of this world
And see the beauty of it all.

She will no longer feel the love of her mother
Or have the chance to know her real father
She can no longer make her mother happy
Or make her father proud of her.

Poor, guiltless, pitiful little fetus
She was not given the chance to live
To prove her worth or gift
For she was so helpless and was forced
To depart from her mother's womb.

Written for One Single Impression Prompt

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  1. Thanks Shrads,

    also your post, i first read it at WL...:)

    good evening...:)

  2. ...thanks Anthony,

    ..sure, i'll drop by your place in due time, sans dizzying spells because i can't decipher your bonus posts in each prompts you write, :)

    good evening:)

  3. A sad and poignant poem. Thanks for sharing it with us at OSI.

  4. Amity, when you hinted that your OSI take this week might be sad, i never expected such a sad one. poignat, sad, yet beauty never blurred. it is your forte, poetry i think! :) acrostic/freestyle, u do it complete justice always! :)

  5. Hi Sandy;

    ...yes, it is! It really happens every time...

  6. Hey Leo;

    ...oh really? sure, and thank you so was just the other night, not feeling well to get up so i used my cp to save the thoughts which were occupying my mind in the middle of night without the need of opening my lapi, and this is my mind's product!

    was just challenged with your motivation eh!!!

    good evening!!!

  7. I have written so many poems on female foeticide. And this one touches me too.

    a winter tale

  8. Very well written, outlining an issue where people continue to be emotionally divided. Give life a chance.

  9. hi Amity,

    very well written one..enjoyed the emotions while reading ur post..:)Thanks for the pleasure..

  10. Hi Amity--
    Thanks for this beautifully written ode to a child. Powerfully done--

  11. You've captured your point of view so beautifully.


  12. Amity -- A powerful poem on behalf of the powerless.

  13. Gautami;

    ..i know this is a very significant social ill, victims of which are the helpless innocent, unborn child...

  14. Loch Rob;

    ...let's be vigilant if we are aware of anyone in the community resorting to abortion and even the abortionist should be punished!

  15. Carlos;

    ...i love your interpretation of my work!

    thank you!!!

  16. Floreta;

    oh really? sure it is!

    thanks so much dear!

  17. post engrossed wid heart rendering feeling, though weaved b' sad..haan.. nice take on the prompt..

  18. This such a beautiful poem..the words captures every emotion..

    A bigger of appreciation for highlighting such a strong issue..

    Kudos to you!! Great work Done!!

  19. Hello Maddy;

    yeah, really so sad...i know i've touched your heart...

    thanks dear!!!

  20. Amity, you have given voice to some deep sentiments.. It's very clear your heart was involved to the fullest.

    Powerful work.

  21. Amity, you write about a sad difficult truth.

  22. Tumblewords;

    ...nope, i did write it as if i've been into it, but no, had not tried one or is ever thinking of attempting to have one.


  23. Shadowplay1;

    not really, have not resorted to one, or will ever think of doing it...

    i tried to put myself as if i had the first hand experience.

    nice day to you!

  24. Irene;

    yes, it is...

    it does really happen and it's becoming a social ill...

    good day!

  25. Very sad... but true.
    thanks for stopping by my blog.

  26. Dawn;

    sure and for every new prompt at OSI, i will always look for your post!


  27. Hi Amity,
    Am glad you stopped by mine to discover you here. Sad but gently rendered one, my thought goes to those lil ones who never got a chance to prove the Gift they had.Bless their souls.

  28. A very poignant and emotionally connecting poem.

  29. .. a serious issue ..

    powerful thoughts ..

  30. hard words spoken for those who are not given a chance to speak for themselves. Powerful!

  31. Ste;

    thanks Ste, you're back here..:)

    sad, it is!

  32. Swapna;

    yes, thank you, too for stopping by my place...:)

    very sad you know, but it really happens...)

  33. MichaelO;

    ..yes, it is...!

    thanks for comin by my site!

  34. Hi Zoya;

    ..thanks for your is really!

  35. Jukota;

    ..yes, it is! really a very sad picture of reality...


  36. What a sad poem...but some people don't care and continue their bad habits, don't they?

  37. Oh yes, Ami, I am a believer in every word in your sad little poem. It is wonderfully written about a pititful situation.

    I haven't thought much about this problem for almost a month now. I think the last time was when I passed the Crisis Pregnancy Center on the Freeway. Mrs. Jim and I visited there when it opened.

  38. One good thing about this. God still loves these little children and will welcome them to his Home with open arms.

    God loves all his children. We must pray for the mother that she will find the way to be Home with God as well when she is finished on this earth. God will forgive her if she asks.

  39. Patti;

    yeah, and that's the reason i felt so sad writing about this...

    was thinkin how they could do such thing!

  40. Jim;

    yes, it is so prevalent especially in teenagers...

    i felt so sad thinking how the could bravely kill an innocent baby and also those accomplices in the deed should get their dues, too!

    Hope God will forgive anyone doing this.

    Good night Jim. It's evening here in the Phils.