Thursday, November 12, 2009

Interview with the Vampire

Hey folks, I was about to forgo with this interview which I have started last Monday because there were unexplained occurrences that happened. I was doing this interview for submission at Sunday Scribblings and just for the fun of it.

This idea came into mind not because I saw the movie but because the prompt was Interview. I am no horror flick fan. My kids do. I have not seen the movie either. But then I thought it was just for fun. I am no vampire either. If I am, I will suck all the blood I could have over here at bloggerville...he he he....:)

No offense meant buddies, if I have to quote your name here, am doing it just for fun...:)

The interview went this way:

AMITY: "Vampire, why do you have to make some glitches over our first interview Monday night? I am supposed to finish this and post it that same night. But look, what have you done? Good, Shraddha told me that there's no conversation that appeared between us and that you put me in a bad light over my readers. I hate what you did. Just keep your mouth off Shraddha. She's a doctor, she will give you what you deserve".

VAMPIRE. "Well, you were not concentrating on the interview then Amity, you shuttle from Farmville to Cafe World then to me and then to Island Paradise and that made me feel sooooo..... dizzy I could hardly follow you".

AMITY: "Enough of that! Now this time, I am 100% with you now. So why do you want this interview then? Anything significant?"

VAMPIRE: "While going through your space, I found out you've got so many friends over here and they are really very palatable......yummmy.....the beautiful, the intelligent, the brainy, I can name them, you have them."

AMITY: "You mean Meow, Yellow Tulip,  Maddy, Prams, Preety, Lena and Priya?"

VAMPIRE: "That's right Amity, That's what I like in you, you really tell me the truth".

AMITY: "Get away from them, I'd sprinkle salt and vinegar over  you if you ever lay your fangs on them. I have my Bible and crucifix here beside me, just hidden under my pillow".

VAMPIRE: "Okay, okay, fine! Then could you give me as a bonus some handsome guys over there? I have been fancying them for quite a time now. First on my list is Leo, then Dev, Hary, and.....some i can't identify, they're hiding under some pseudonym eh"!

AMITY: "Don't you like KP or Carlos or Jim?"

VAMPIRE: "Nah! Their blood don't taste delicious anymore".

AMITY: "How about Amias, sure Amias can get the hell out of you here".

VAMPIRE: "Oh no! Am so afraid of her mask, seems laced with some metals, we vampires are afraid of".

AMITY: "Well, I have nothing to give you now. I find you very choosy".

VAMPIRE: "How about Princess Nuchu? I also have that wild fancy over royal bloods eh"....

AMITY: "No, I won't ever give her to you, she calls me Mom and I call her my daughter, I will be your best enemy if you will ever touch her".

VAMPIRE: "Okay, okay I respect your wishes Amity. It seems there's nothing I can gain with this interview. I am so hungry now, I am getting older because all I could suck now are bloods from those whose been way past their retirement, and I will never tell their names now or else you will shower me with vinegar and garlic".

AMITY: "Okay, so next time, don't ever attempt to come over here at bloggerville, they will have fun talking about you and they may make you a sensational victim. Go to pubs and disco houses, lots of young people are there, wild and really young. You can have your giant share of the crowd there."

VAMPIRE: "Thanks Amity for accommodating me here, and sorry about last Monday night. I just can't bear to be ignored here because I am really itching to have a taste of your friends' bloods. I love to suck blood of brainy people you know!"

AMITY: " I forgive you but please no vampire interview again. I hate it, makes me sick of the idea."

Then the vampire left me and I was speechless after that interlude with him.

Written for Sunday Scribblings


  1. hehe!! :D what an interview! WOW Amity..
    that vampire really likes brainy people, no wonder he came to u first!
    he must have heard of the hundred acrostics u were going to do this month! :D ;)

    loved this scribbling! :D

  2. nice scribbling :) hope you have a good day. Added you to my blogroll :)

  3. i can nver interview a vampire..i am to sacred to be even seeing....well he asked abt everyone...i am happy he left me out...i am allergic to vampire bites :P...:)....good interview amity :)..


  4. ohh my what an imagination u hav..hats off Amity..!! amazing fun to read..
    interview wid vampire..hehee..luvlyy presentation.. indeed vry nice..m havin no wrds to say..luved it..:)
    loads of luvv..:)

  5. hahaha poor vampire u simply scared him away with ur crucifix and Bible :P:D

  6. Another Fantastic creation from the master artist..

    Have an award for you..

    Please go and collect it from my blog!!



  7. Hi Amity,

    it was expressed ur feelings veryyyy sensitively and Vampire was soo:(..leave it..

    KP uncle must read this .. hhheheh...

    :) ..Keep writing such awesome posts//

    PS: too missing u these strucked with some wrk both at offic and home. so ..:( am always thr fr ur blog..:)

  8. hi amity...i dont know how to link my post in acrostic only u can link it..but tell me the details of how i should be linking it and what are the rules i should be following :)...take care..have a great day :)..


  9. Hey Leo;

    ...I hope i gave justice to this very difficult and tiresome interview. Imagine i have to wake up in the wee hours of the morning just to have that interview...:) Satisfied now?

    but isn't he debonair looking? that vampire?

    g'nayt Leo...:)

  10. Melissa;

    thank you so much for adding me up...:)

  11. Hemu;

    the vampire intentionally spared you coz he feels you're more handsome than he is and that you are busy celebrating your 3rd monthsary with Lucky, isn't that nice?

    thanks Hemu...:)

  12. Maddy;

    ...what you felt while reading it is same way i felt while having the interview...:) i can't help but laugh, and not just even smile...:)

    g'nayt Maddy...:) love yah!

  13. Priya;

    hha ha ha, that's it!

    thanks Priya, g'nayt...:)


  14. Dev;

    well, thanks for the comment and for the award, have claimed it already and now am busy workin' on the rules so i can post it sooner that expected!


  15. Dear Prams;

    thank you so much for being always there for my blogs...and thanks you enjoyed that vampire interview i did...isn't he so handsome? he he he...:) the vampire i mean?

    am finishing your hanging statement for you!

    g'nayt Prams...:)

  16. Hi Hemu;

    have linked the last post you did already. do check it at Amias' AO now...:)

    have given you instructions in your last post, too...:)
    have fun writing acros and together we will all have fun like the others...:)