Monday, November 02, 2009

A Back to Back ADVENTURE

Always on the go
Driving to and fro
Venturing on beautiful nature
Exquisite and of much pleasure
Nothing compares the joy
Truly satisfying one must enjoy
Untouched mountains, valleys and hills
Ruins historic they're such a thrill
Encapsulates happiness fulfilled.

A part of human nature is a
Desire to unlock the mysteries with
Valiant heart and mind that
Encompasses  everyone's existence and
Not a spirit of waning
Till something has been proven
Undue course must be wrestled
Rewarding would be the fruit on
Every path of action taken.

Written for Sunday Scribblings 
Submitted to Amias' Acrostic Only
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  1. heyy..m the first one.:) so,b'fuly written..m thrilled..nature is full of adventures and human nature is to play with adventures..hehe..nice acrostics..:)keep it up..!!!

  2. This tickles the senses for adventure... sweet scent of adventure. Nicely written. Looking forward to reading more like this.

    Hope you're having a good week.
    Blessings to you n your family.

  3. Great Post and so well framed!!

    Keep it up!!

  4. :) nicely penned...i am ready for an adventure now...:)..


  5. really good!

    two at the price of one....double fun!

  6. ooh.. Amity's blog is being flooded by typhoon!! Acrostic typhoon! :)

    Adventurous typhoon today too! :) nicely written!

  7. well said dear...:)...missing my adventurs:):(...

  8. Hello Maddy;

    ...yeah, am happy you're first again...:)

    you know, i thought your post on an acrostic "Creative" was one of the prompts at AO, then i made one, and when i was about to post it at Amias, I was shocked, not one, however, you wouldn't mined if I will just link it at AO my dear?

    have a great week ahead...:)

  9. Good morning Ellen,

    ..thank you so much i've touched your adventurous senses...:)

    of course i always wanted to write post on a positive note, which i guess reflects also our personality...:)

    God bless you and your family...:)

  10. Hi Dev;

    good morning!

    ...thank you so much you liked my work!!!

    have a nice day Dev!

  11. Hi Hems;

    ready for an adventure? that's great! enjoy it to the hilt!!!

    good morning to you and Lucky, hmmm....:)

  12. Hi Shrads!

    yeah, that's why the title is back to back with adventure...:) isn't it great?

    have a wonderful day ahead!!!


  13. Hello Leo,

    not only acrostic typhoon, but real-life typhoon, hence i was not able to go online last night and early this morning, due to a typhoon that resulted in power outage...:)

    am here in office, just sneaking you know!!!

    thank you so much...:)

  14. Good Morning Yellow Tulip;

    oh really? try to have one soon, we need that to recharge us and to forget for some few moments the chaos that's afflicting us most of the time!!!

    get out and enjoy my dear!!!


  15. Easy flowing and enjoyable acrostics from you.

  16. Amity, just read it again! :)

    the first adventure is mis spelled!

    and yeah, i'm linking it to AO. the second adventure atleast can be considered if not the two together i think! :)

    though both make sense together, and as separate, i love the second one more! :)

  17. heyy...why to mind dear..hmm?? it would be really nice to read from post please, link it as poet's choice prompt..:)

  18. Oh Leo thanks!

    didn't check it twice before posting, uh oh...

    whatta' mess....:)

    i couldn't check that now? or shall I? what do you think? so embarrassing buddy!

  19. Hello there Mads,

    i have posted it already...:)

    and Leo have just linked it to AO as Poet's choice...:) isn't that nice?

    hugs dear!!!...:)

  20. Oh I love these adventures!

    Don't forget to link AO to the bottom of your poem.

  21. Hi Amias,


    okay, i will put the link as suggested, and thanks for the suggestion!


  22. I enjoyed your back to back adventures.

  23. Hi Maggie;

    thanks you enjoyed...:)

    have a nice adventurous day ahead...:)