Sunday, November 22, 2009

Creative Metamorphosis

From a sheltered moth
Grew into an ugly worm
And metamorphosed
Came a beautiful butterfly.

From a minute egg
Fertilized by a sperm
A fetus developed
Came out a cuddly baby.

From a small seed
Planted into earth
Watered by nature
Came a beautiful flower.

From fragile eggs
Hatched by a mother hen
After several days
Came out healthy chicks.

From a dirty mud
Gathered with bare hands
Shaped by artistic mind
Came a beautiful vase.

From a farmer's hand
Who plowed day in, day out
And worked with sweat and blood
Came a beautiful farm.

From a loving mother
Who taught her kids good deeds
Manners and values
Came responsible citizens.

From a writer's thoughts
Ideas, dreams and emotions
Woven into poetic words
Came her masterpiece.

Written for One Single Impression prompt
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  1. woww..Amityy..this was superb..amalgamation of beauty nd creativity..luved it from the core..hats off to yr imagination b'ful it was..u r damn creative..:)
    Happy Sunday..
    hugs n luv..:)

  2. tats some imagination dear...u had a post abt feelings's kindaa similar a small thought describing the complex reality..i like it :):)

  3. its sooooooooo beautiful...each picture explanation was so lovely nice amity :)...


  4. Each metamorphosis leads to a thing of beauty.Wonderful write Amity. Last stanza was well said.

  5. Simple Amity
    Metamorphoses into a
    Lively Poetess
    Day by Day

  6. You planted many good seeds in this poem...wonderful.

  7. You didn't need the pictures, your words were very visual and creatively painted the pictures in my mind.

    "Came this post, her own masterpiece"
    reads much better ...
    "Came her masterpiece"

    It keeps the flow. Hope you don't mine this suggestion, I like it as it is, but the very last line mess with the perfect flow.

    Love the new font, so easy to read.

  8. Hi Maddy;

    thank you sooooo...much! Am so happy you liked it!

    good morning!

  9. Hi Priya;

    thank you so much dear!

    yeah 'emotions', lots of it!

    good morning!

  10. Hems;

    thanks a liked my post!

    good morning!

  11. Good morning Swapna;

    thanks a lot dear...:)


  12. Hi Moe;

    yeah it does, all of us!

    good morning!


  13. Hi Saras;

    i wonder how you could always comment in verses, and acros style, you name it!

    lotta thanks!

    good morning!

  14. Hello Maggie;

    good morning!

    thanks dear you liked it so much!


  15. Hello Big Sis Amias;

    I always consider your worthy comments as a sign of love and here, I have changed the last line to your suggestion. Well done dear!

    and the pics, yeah, they need not be there but I thought of adding color to the post! only serves my purpose.

    thanks a lot Big Sis. love yah!

    good morning!

  16. Didn't mean to say the pictures weren't beautiful, just wanted you to know that your words --- your masterpiece was just as beautiful, and stood on its own.

    The pictures and the poem complement each other --- I liked your choices, very creative!

  17. Thank you so much Big Sis Amias...

    as always you are my guiding star, my loving mentor!

    I love you for that!

    have a great week ahead...:)


  18. What a lovely, and very creative poem!!!

  19. Zoya,

    thanks to you, too!

    have a nice day!

  20. Hi Patti;

    thanks for the wonderful comment!

    have a nice day!

  21. OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Wondeful thinkin!

    Loved each and every line :)