Thursday, November 05, 2009

Whining Hubby....Anyone????

You wonder who and why? Is it normal for a hubby to whine? You thought, only a wife has the right to? Oh no! Let me tell you, you're mistaken huh!

A couple of nights ago, as I was about to retire for the night, of course, after an interlude with my laptop, my hubby suddenly started emoting and blurting out innuendos, much to my surprise and disappointment. He said:

- look at your fingernails, looks like a witch'..... (I sneered at him and countered, "Halloween is just over honey");
- you need to visit a parlor, your hair looks it's owned by a witch...(again? "I want to grow it long", I told to myself);
- look at yourself in the mirror, you look like an owl, almost like a zombie, what with your darksagging eye bugs?, seems you're no longer sleeping because of blogging...(signs of ageing hon? I said to him almost in a whisper);
- the house is such a mess, it badly needs general cleaning....(I was almost boiling inside but managed to sweetly smile at him and said with a loving voice, "are you not satisfied what the househelp can do"?);

- there's nothing in the pantry and in the ref, except some few cups of noodles a can of tuna and a bottle of soda...??? ("Oh, that can wait, soon I'll go to the grocery" while trying to wink at him, but seems didn't work huh!);

- look at our closets, what a mess???( that, too, he saw? seems am givin' up on him, took one pillow and covered my face, but he continued to blah..blah...blah...!!! 

I wanted to banter back, but said to myself "everything he told me were glaring truths".

I pacified him sweetly, telling him that when he will be off for work again, everything will be in a spic and span condition and promised him I'd go to the parlor when I have the luxury of time.

"If you don't stop blogging, I'll blog blog you!!!", he said with a threat!

I didn't refute him though deep inside me, I am almost at a boiling point for trying to stop me from what's keeping me happy.

I tried to calm him though he doesn't look violent and whispered sweetly in his ears, "Honey, blogging is my best friend when you will again leave me for work, so please understand me, okay?".....

He didn't say a word or two but I slept peacefully beside him because I am sure that his silence meant he would be tolerating me of my addiction.

So blogging buddies, anyone of you whose in a dilemma like  mine? My advise: sweet talk your hubby, don't meet him at the height of a typhoon and that can surely do magic; and to those who doesn't have a mate yet? Try to find someone who is also into blogging and there would be no chaos at home...:) Keeps me thinking though, why can't both love blogging? If the wife blogs, the husband does not, if the husband does, the wife isn't?

P.S. I want to hear some real, cool reactions from my blogging buddies, single or taken or happily settled.


  1. hahaha when one is in a bad mood other has to calm down..else if both shout at the same note then you know wats gonna happen haha :)

    well i liked the post :)

  2. Hmm it's good he will not say for ur addiction ... I really don't have much to say as sooner or later my blogging would be ending... But for me no one has ever opposed me to blogging ...


  3. Dear, Thanks A Lot For Suggesting To Find The Mate Who's Is Also Interested In Blogs :) :) U Did A Right Thing Without Arguing With Him :) :) Smile IS The Best Weapon To Win The War :) :)

  4. Well again, I would agree that he does have a point. I suppose the solution to your delimmma is to do what needs to be done :-)

  5. Priya;

    ...of course, it is...:) I dunno what will happen if I have to meet his rising temper, and instead of just a typhoon, tornado will come our way....:), just kidding...I know when to lie low dear!!! Crises management, it is!


  6. Hi HEMS,

    ...congratulations and good for you dear!

    desensitize her with your world or rather, let her love your world so that everybody will be happy!!!


  7. Hi Meow; you should always remember me huh!...take it by heart, it helps...:)


  8. Hey Raaji,

    thanks you're back and thanks for your advice...sure that's the best!!!


  9. Hi Amity,

    Husbands and blogging don't mix in some marriages, I think. The guys resent seeing their wives having fun with the blogging while they toil it out at the office 9 to 5. And the wives when seeing their husbands tied to the blog for hours suspect some 'monkey business' somewhere there.

    So okay if that happens in the home, why not a mutual blog with the couple as co-authors and write stuff, separately or jointly, that would be of great interest to other married couples. That would be something, don't you think so? :-)

    See you around. God bless you and your family.

  10. read..blended with fun...u've rlly strted ignorin him.huhh..too much of he mite b rite till some extent..hehe..but u'll easily balance out the situation..:)
    luv n hugs..:)

  11. Lol! Interesting read... Well! I don't have a mate yet... but still ma mom keeps yelling at me to keep ma things spic and span and then do blogging.. ma dad goes to the peak of his anger the moment he see the blogger dashboard :) But then,I smile at them and move off. They even threaten me that nobody will marry me if am glued to the comp :P

  12. Great read..Well am still single so don't great threats like yours..But I think the poor guy misses your attention(lolz)

    But yes I have just started blogging..and can confirm that already words of anger from certain corners have started ringing in my ears..esp from my mom n sis..

    Since am still in the early stages..I just smile rather than confronting them..

    Am pretty sure You would find out a way to balance out all..

    Till then keep smiling :-))

  13. my hubby can also be like this...

    stay low..stay out of the way...stay connected with your friends..

  14. Good morning Dev;

    yeah maybe, he is in great need of quality time from, and would even tell that 'if you will not shot down the lapi in 3-5 mins, i'll go out and leave you here alone!!!"...:)

    what a threat Dev...:)

    time for you to think over if who should you be taking for a lifetime mate, and i wanna give you an unsolicited advise: take someone who also love your world...:)



  15. Hello Shrads;

    good morning...:)

    yeah sure, i will heed to your bonus advise...:)

    but let's try to bring them into our world...:)

    hmmmppp...i was telling him i got badges as awards at Amias' AO, he just turned a deaf ear...:)

    how could i convince him that what am doing really makes sense?


  16. Good morning PS,

    oh really, yeah, thank you...:) it's a balancing act when things turns sour...:)

  17. Hello Ellen,

    nice morning to you...:)

    you gave me such a wonderful advise over here...:) but the thing is, am really trying to convince him to love what am doing and even proudly told him i have coveted some awards for satisfying this addiction at Amias' Acrostic Only but, well, it didn't matter to him...:)

    but anyways, i can feel that he also loves what am doing, only i should not overlook some important things that need to be done before settling down in front of my lapi..:)

    God bless you and your family Ellen...:)

    have a great day ahead!!!

  18. Hey Maddhu,

    yeah, balancing act is needed, like a win-win situation, so as not to sacrifice both that you love, and never be like: hubby or blogging? ha ha ha...:)

    thank you Madhu...:)

    hugs dear!!!

  19. Hello Meow;
    that would really be a threat my dear!!!

    so you better start looking for some mate-candidate who also loves what you're doing...:)

    of course the tupsy-turvy matter in your room can be done in as easy as ABC, time management, you know!!!

    thanks for your sharing it my dear!!!

    love yah!

    don't forget your guest post ha!

    have a nice day!!!

  20. Ah ha! That's indeed a good strategy to handle crisis :) And the snaps, well its really honest of you to share them with fellow bloggers :) Nice post!

  21. Hello Raksha Raman;

    ...thanks so much...:)

    good morning!!!


  22. Hahahah... Felt like reading me..

    LOL :D

    Again.. Like Mom like daughter! hehe..:D