Monday, November 23, 2009

It’s My First Year Bloggerversary

Hey folks, friends, mentors and fellow blogging buddies, today is my first year here in bloggerville! Isn’t that great?

It was really a metamorphosis, from the simple, naïve writer to the now more polished and sensible one.

It was my classmate in high school, Sir Gie (his pen name) who introduced me to blogging exactly a year ago today for the purpose of earning money through AdSense. But a couple of months back, I disabled that Adsense because I am more convinced now that I am here to share my talent and not to earn a dollar or two. In fact, through blogging, I am more or less $10 richer now…J but have not claimed the money yet…L

And two of my blogging-buddy-friends, Maddy and Leo, will have a guest post in celebration of this milestone in my blogging life…J
I will be posting their guest post today.

But too bad…L as I was about to log in, came power breakdown…But anyways, am doing a draft and post this as soon as power will be restored.

Thank you so much to everyone who became my inspiration and mentor over here. Much to my desire to mention all of you here now, am afraid I can’t make a perfect roll call, so, here….to all of you my dear mentors, buddies, friends and followers alike, THANK YOU SO MUCH! I promise to make good use of my craft…J
Have a nice day and God bless us all!


  1. Hearty congratulations on your completing a year.A fitting tribute from another talented blogger Maddy.May you continue to share yor lovely poems and thoughts much more and reach the hundred mark very soon.We all enjoy your posts very much. Thank you

  2. Congratulations Amity Me .. you are indeed a wonderful person, and loved by many. I am so glad you popped into my life, you are an inspiration, always full of joy. Also, you have lots of talent, and here's hoping that you stay around for many more years.

    Love, respect, and honor ...

  3. Helo KP;

    thanks a lot, and of course, I do, and I will try my best...:)

    yeah, I love Madhu so much that's why I have chosen her for the guest post!

  4. Dear Amias;

    almost a tear fell from my eyes of your greetings to me!

    i was so touched because of the love you've given me and the appreciation that's always been there for every post i write!

    of course, I will try me best to be here for so many years through God's blessings!

    If I am loved by many, it's because you are one of them who brought me into this world of blogging where so many could read my works. Thanks to Leo, too for introducing me to your AO and OSI and also to SS and WW!

    With much gratitude,


  5. congratulations Amity!!Have fun!!!

  6. congrats on the first year of blogging :)...u really are a wonderful writer and good to have as my friend :)...god bless u ...wish u happy blogging :)..


  7. will be waiting for vinay's guest post :)...


  8. Congratulations to you :)

    Thanks for dropping by my side :)

  9. congratulations dear one .. and so sorry to be away fro reading blogs ds long 1 off late i just visit back n reply to ppl who comment on my page.. reason is nothing but lack of time :( miss your writing myself ! keep growing in blogsworld ! Good luck. Hugz :)

  10. Congratulations on this anniversary!! may you write many more years and pamper us with the beautiful posts of yours :)

    Sorry for being absent here, dear. Ш have some stuff to deal with these months. Will be back as soon as I can :)

  11. Happy blogger-birthday, Amity Me!
    You are a star...

  12. hi amity,
    Congratulations dear :) sorry for being late :)keep going friend..u r too good :)

  13. Shraddha;

    thanks dear! don't forget your guest post ha!


  14. Hi Ordinary Gal;

    thanks, too for droppin by my site!

    good morning!

  15. Pratsie dear;

    thought ur lost na!

    thanks for the greetings and for droppin by, and am happy you did not miss this one...i will keep on growing, promise!

    thanks so much!

  16. Hi Lena;

    am so happy you're here greeting me on my 1st year at blogville...i can't forget that you were one of the few people who've encouraged me to keep on writing several months back!

    Love you Lena! Miss yah too!



  17. hello Beth;

    thanks dear and like me you are a star, too!


  18. Hello Snow White;

    of course nobody's late, and you're never late but am extremely happy you did greet me!

    Love you dear!

  19. congragulations

    i knw i am late bt sory for that...

    wishes to ur blog...hope to be at this place some time soon...nd expecting to be here very soon :)

    god bless

  20. Congratulations!!! :)

    Keep Blogging! Keep Rocking Mom :)


  21. ...thanks dear Princess////:)
    yes, Mom will keep on blogging and rocking, he he he...:)

  22. Hi Ste;

    of course, you're not, coz' better late than nevah!

    good afternoon!