Friday, November 13, 2009

Awesome Blogger...Me???

This is award from Dev....thanks Dev...:-)  :-)  :-)  his signature smile..:-)

Do I deserve this? Tell me buddies...:) But Dev said, he's given me this because of my "great creative posts"...:) hmmm, isn't that great?

Now let me tell you seven things about me. That's the rule eh...:) After claiming the award, have to tell seven things you do not know about me...:) Sounds quite difficult, err...might get wasted here!

But the rules first before knowing some of my secrets...:)

1. Thank whoever gave this to you

2. Copy award

3. Post it in your blog

4. Tell us 7 things that your readers don’t know

5. Link 7 new bloggers

6. Notify winners of the award with a comment on their blog

7. Most of all - Keep being awesome!

And now some or seven to be exact, of the secret things about me? Oh No! Should not be doing these guys, but I have to abide by the rules, coz I cherish this award, too...:-)

1. I vomit at the sight of rats, even the tiniest of this creature. I even feel queasy, languid and seems my innards want to get out of me, i dunno why! Sucks!!! Poor me!

2. I have this obsessive-compulsive behavior. I always wash my hands with alcohol. I smell fork and spoon, plates, glasses, cups, before using them. I hate this feeling but in not doing so, I don't feel at ease, I don't feel  like eating if i don't smell them first. It's embarrassing in public, but can't help myself.

3. I love nature so much. It gives me that wonderful and satisfied feelings when I am on a nature trip. It relaxes me too and gives me a recharged feelings after the trip.

4. I enjoy drinking tea. I love the taste of it especially when a tablespoon of creamer is added into a cup of it. I am a tea-addict....anyone who can give me boxes of it? Thanks in advance. Nope! Just kidding!

5. I love the color blue, my favorite. The paint of my bedroom is blue, my closets are painted blue, my sheets are blue, Oh, I just love the color blue! And of course, my space here is blue, made by Preetilata and she customized it according to my color preference. Of course, she asked me about it before doing so. And Leo lend a helping hand when the overall background went awry. 

6.  I am an ice cream and chocolates lover...:) a sweet tooth so they say! Especially that Double Dutch from Selecta.

  ....and last but not least, so it is, though I still want to share you so more things about me, is that....

7. I can play the guitar but not like a pro. I passed that interest to my son. He now is far better than I am. I was his mentor, though, proud Mom-mentor. Taught him the basics, like keys of A, B, C. D. E, F, G; Ab, Bb, C#, Am, Bm, Dm, Fm, Gm, etc..., etc...:)

And so on...but seven things are only needed....:)

I pass this award to seven fellow blogging buddies,  only? I want more but the rule says seven only, and I am 
bound by the rules or else Dev will confiscate my award.

Here they are:

Maddy/Mads/Maddhu.....for such a loving buddy and for her awesome posts!
Leo.....the Pro Poet to me, because his works can compare with Shakespeare's, Oh he hates me for saying
           that....! Peace!!!
Pramoda....a very good friend and for the morals one gets from almost all her posts! fellow WL Writer, she's as brilliant as the others and for inviting me to celebrate Diwali with her
             next year!
Princess Nuchu....for considering me as her blogging-buddy-Mom!
Hemu...I simply love his posts and he is starting to be a great acrostic writer! Have you found your way to
            AO now?
HaRy....Oh, he's always there givin' some fun even in commenting on my posts, a rib tickler he is!

CONGRATULATIONS....pass on the badge!!!


  1. yipeee am so delighted and thankful for this Award :)Thank yu soooo much Amity..means a lot!

  2. awww thanks soooo much amity for the awesome award...i will make this post very soon :)...ur 7 secrets well open secrets tells more abt u :)..thanks for letting us know :)..

    i to am choco lover :)....

    thanks once again :)...take care have a nice weekend :)...


  3. heyy..Amityyy..first of all wuld like to Congratulate you on this..u deserve it dear..:)
    it was vry nice knowin yr secrets..hehe..nice..u shared them ..:)
    nd u passed it on to me..hope, u've given it a thot before doing so...:) newys..if u 'd mentioned my name, its my greatest pleasure to take it..thnx a lott..n lots..thnx 4 mentionin my name top of all.hehe..:). will take this in sum tyme..!!

  4. Congratulations on the well deserved award.
    Your seven unknown titbits was said in an interesting manner.

  5. Dear Amity,
    Hearty Congrats for receiving the wonderful award!My Little Star,Achu and me love blue colour.:)beautiful like the ocean water.
    nice being at your site n keep writing!I know it is difficult to rveal the very personal things!
    wishing you a wonderful weekend,

  6. hi Amity,

    wow.. u know guitar.. I started learning it and stopped in between ..:) haha btween in the sense just after five or six classes..:)

    i too love nature.:)

    Thanks for the award and special thanks for ur words about me ..:)

  7. hey Amity.. congratulations on getting the award!
    thank you for passing it on to me! :)

    have a good evening!

  8. HaRy;

    yeah, sure! thanks you liked it, too!


  9. Hems;

    , yeah, I am a choco lover! and thanks you've appreciated this award....:)

    g'nayt to you and Lucky!

  10. Hello Maddy,

    of course, you deserve it dear, why not? am excited too, to know seven secrets about you...:)

    please work on it very soon my dear!

    love yah! Huggsss!!!


  11. KP;

    what can I say but thank you so much Sir!

  12. Dear Anu;

    Namaste too!

    great that your lovely li'l star Achu also loves the color blue, my tandem he is!

    thanks so much dear!


  13. Hi Prams;

    yes, i do play the guitar, am happy you've had an interest in it, too....continue learning and playing of you have time, it's a very good way of relaxing and you can sing your fave songs through your own accompaniment!

    g'nayt dear!

  14. Leo;

    oh sure, am so happy for the award and i know you more than deserve the award hence no second thoughts of passing it onto you!