Saturday, October 17, 2009

Acrostic Makes Me Tick

Deep in my sleep

my mind continues

to write acrostic

I don’t know if

I have to panic

or just be grateful about it.

Subconsciously my mind

will organize

the thoughts and ideas

I have in mind

and when the morning breaks

my pen and paper lie in wait.

Oh, acrostic

you make my heart tick

that even in my sleep

my mind is writing

An acrostic.

WARNING: This is no acrostic style. The real one is yet to come.:)

P.S. I want to dedicate this poem to Amias. Because of her, I became an acrostic addict..."Amias, I love you for recognizing almost every acrostic work of mine"... And to Leo, "thanks for introducing me to one of the great writers I have ever met over here at bloggerviller, my Big Sis Amias"!!!

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  1. This poem is no acrostic.I wish to see an acrostic from you

  2. KP: thanks...
    yah it's no acrostic though, but maybe i will write one in acrostic form...thanks for the suggestion...


  3. heyy..u becumin acrostic addict..i kno, it happens..u've written so b'ful acrostics after all..:) luvly dedication..Amias deseves it..!!!
    Keep penning..:)

  4. Hey Madhu! becoming so engrossed with it dear...instead of having satudays as rest days, i never do that lately anymore...

    my lapi would be overheating for working on it almost the whole day...

    but i really enjoy it...

    have a nice day Mads! HUGS!:)

  5. i relate to this .. sometimes all i will think all day is acro topic .. until i sit n type it out !

  6. PS:

    yeah, really?

    ...then we're on the same boat..yeyyyy...!!!


  7. I am hooked to Amity Me. I sleep, eat, and dream acrostics. Thank you for this wonderful dedication, I truly appreciate it.

  8. yes Amias,

    ...this is really for you...i was able to write it because you really inspire me, day in, day out, and if not for Leo, too, i should not have met you, he's a wonderful son, you know...:)

  9. hey Amity, acrostics make u tick? :) i can see that, as is evident from ur wonderful works!!

    keep at it! :)