Friday, October 30, 2009

Shame in Pride

"When pride cometh, then cometh shame. But to the lowly is wisdom."

I do not nurture pride in my heart. Once I realized that I am at fault, I immediately asks for forgiveness.For I  firmly believe that humbleness of heart is wisdom and pride is shame.

What's your take on this? Do share it. 


  1. I think it's a profound concept -- "Humility of heart is wisdom." I believe it to be true.

  2. pride inspires me..:) and loved ur take amity..:)

  3. heyy..such a b'ful thought..nice take..nd how can u say dat u r nt a gud writer..i mean u write so vry well..extremely talented..jus believe urself..i rlly,njoy ur wrk..keep going..:)

  4. i think i'd have put it differently too! :)

  5. nice thought... but pride ain't shame always... but when at fault it seems right to let go.. :)

  6. Hi Carlos;

    thanks for the thought...:-)

  7. Hey Maddhu,

    i don't really believe I am as good as some people say, instincts you know! but thanks you said it so, wholeheartedly, and you've given me a fighting spirit, he he he!

    g'nayt Maddhu dear! Huggggsss!!!


  8. hmm quite agree...but sometimes pride can make yu feel confident...not sure why i think like this bcos have seen this qualities with sourav ganguly sooo much!

  9. Hello Desi,

    i went through site before i commented back on your message here. you've done a very good rendition of the prompt though quite emotional you know...

    it's one way of trying to pour our heart out, our heartaches, our disappointments in life...:)

    thanks Desi, I'll be a regular in your space!


  10. Leo:

    yeah i read yours, too...:)

    it's what all i can think of the moment i planned writing for Sunday Scribblings.

    hope i'd do better next time...:)

    g'nayt son!

  11. Hi Priya,

    yeah, of course not, it's just one viewpoint that i've presented...:)

    thanks for sharing your thoughts!

    love yah!

  12. hEY HArY,

    of course pride on a positive note but what i've written here is pride on a negative note...

    sourav gangouly who? what about her?

    g'nayt HaRy!!!


  13. good take dear.

    but wat abt the celebration u talked abt?

    hope u r dpoig good.

    love ya. hugs

  14. am very sorry Amity...didnt realise yu didnt understand my fiction...well Raksha Bandan is annual festival in India where they celebrate Brother sister occasion and hope yu gotcha now! and reg Sourav Ganguly..forget it..hez a cricket player!

  15. Is there a man without pride, at all? lols somebody said that. Forgot his name.

    Maybe he's right. Pride by human nature occurs in a person in varying degrees and for reasons that may be good or bad. Some say that pride can be healthy if it is in honest self-evaluation or acknowledgment of one's abilities or achievements thereby serving to inspire further outstanding performance. When you know you're good, you know you are good even without people having to tell you so. Because you are quite at peace with knowing what you can and can't do. Being quite well grounded and centered with that allows you to say 'thank you' with grace, 'I'm sorry' with sincerity, and simply just be you. "To thine own self be true", as we are so often reminded by our elders.

    But on the other hand, if this attitude of pride is taken to extremes, undisciplined and uncontrolled, it can be quite irritating and intolerable to watch. Shameless boasting. It is said to be and I quote "one of man's unflattering 'disfigurement'..". How insecure a person reveals himself to be when he deliberately calls attention to self, blatantly or with subtlety or resort to false humility to please. By this he could simply be hastening his own self-destruction. "Whom the gods wish to destroy... they first make proud."

    My first on your blog. Enjoyed the cruise down your page. Thanks for sharing your thoughts. May God bless you and your family.

    Nice to see a kababayan here. :-)

  16. Hellooooo Preety,

    thanks your back....:) I've missed you don't yo know that?

    But when I look at your blog, seems you didn't post any yet.Still the Bits and Pieces, your last entry.

    Celebration? Oh, I forgot about it dear? Did I say anything about it?

    I've missed you dear. Where have you been?

    But thanks you tried to say a word or two here.

    Hugggssss to my dear sissy!

    lav yah! miss yah, too!

  17. HaRy,

    ummm...sorry for being so ignorant about it.

    you know am not from your place and am definitely filipino so i dunno all about it....

    anyways, thanks for giving me the needed info...

    have a nice day!

  18. Hello Ellen,

    thanks for your comment and i admire how you did it, it is almost one post in itself.

    went first to your site and i found out a very good place to hang up because it's a space where one can learn so much values and morals in life.

    i really like it Ellen, and hope you won't get tired writing.

    as i have promised, i'll bookmark you here so i can see updates from your site.

    Ellen, thank you and have a great weekend ahead!

    God bless!

  19. Hi Amity,

    Feels good to find a kababayan here in blogville .. at long last. Lols :-) Thanks too for dropping by "Tapestry - Archive". Great to see you there! Current writings are posted in "In Retrospect - A Journey" (you'll find that on my profile page, just as I found your interesting blog on your profile page). :-) Definitely I'm following your blog henceforth. See yah around. God bless you and your family.

  20. so true!!really good one Amity!!already done with sunday are fast..

  21. Dear Ellen,

    thank you so much...:)

    sure, like you feel, i am also happy having found a fellow filipino blogger...:)

    i may as well bookmark your other blog so i can both follow them...:)

    nice day to you and your family...:)

  22. Hi Dear Shrads,

    good for you you're done with it, me? oh i made a draft only to find out that after reading yours, seems so far from it.

    can't understand what Shift in Time means, but maybe now, after reading yours, i may learn from it, but not do the same exactly...:)


  23. Hi Amity
    Thanks for your comments and the many questions raised on my post.Can reply if it is ok with you to give me your ID
    You are a steady support and your comments are perceptive

  24. ... thank you. it so happens that your stories are interesting...:)

    have a nice day!


  25. I think pride is the opposite of shame.

  26. There is nothing wrong with taking pride in ones accomplishments, as long as the accomplishments are not about hurting someone else. As it stands, I am very proud of my association with folks in the blog worlds, as we can see each others with clear vision, and share with each other our lives without judging one another for who we are, culturally.

    Of course this is only one of the things I take pride in.

    Amity Me, this was a very profound and thought provoking post.

  27. Amias,

    yes, it is Amias...:)

    me, too, am just too happy and have that pride in myself that we are close to each other as writing buddies without prejudice of each other and i appreciate that common attitude we have for each other...:)

    thanks so much for your well-meaning reaction, i like and love it very much!!!