Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Rain Showers

When I was a child
And an innocent girl
I’d shout for joy
For every rain showers
I’d call my friends
Take off our clothes
And sing and dance
Under the rain

When I grew up
And fell in love
Rain showers would always
Give me a lot
For my beloved
Will take my hand
And together we’ll
Walk under the rain

He’d dab his lips
On my red cheeks
And pull my body closer to his
Then I would be under his spell
As we kissed romantically under the falling rain

When I will be old and grey
Will I still love the rain?
When knees are already weak
And I can no longer dance with him?
When voice turns hoarse
And I can no longer sing with him?
But I will still love rain showers to come
For it will help me reminisce
The good old days now gone

But while I’m still at the prime of my life
I’d love to dance and sing in the rain
Hand in hand with my beloved
And kissed sweetly while
In each other’s arms
And feel the gentle rain.

Rain showers, you gave me so much happy memories
I’d like to play on and on vividly in my mind!


  1. I simply loved the poem!
    One of the best reads I had on your blog :)

  2. Hello Lena,

    thanks to you...and i also like your post about the rain...isn't it romantic to be soaked in the rain and just listening to the raindrops on our roofs seems refreshing...

  3. ahh.. rain.. so lovely dear! got saoked in the love in ur poem!!
    beautiful poem.. one of the best reads indeed!!

  4. hey...soo sooo romantic and emotional...loved every stanza...

    May be, in ur old age, u would dance with ur energy given by the song of ur hearts...

    With best wishes

  5. Leo:

    thanks son...and i hope i can make more better reads to come...


  6. Hi Prams,

    thanks i was able to write it like what you said...but, that was just my imagination, coz 1st stanza is true while the next 2 is just imagination....

    thank you Prams...

  7. This is beautiful Amity Me. I loved the rain until I got old, and my knees got weak if it soaked my clothes, still, I remember the days when the rain refreshed me, and so will you when that time come. Oh my, I will say it again, this was a beautiful poem.

  8. oh really? thank you Amias, my loving big sister,...

    when I was writing it, i just felt what i wanted to express though as i have said earlier, i didn't experience being kissed by my beloved under the rain, but you know, i will tell my hubby that when there is rain shower, we will go out and kiss there, sweet, isn't it?