Thursday, October 08, 2009

I'll Miss You this Weekend

Dear Friends,

I will be out maybe starting tomorrow because there's no net connection at home due to constant brown-outs caused by so many typhoons that had been ravaging our place one after the other.

For the past four days, i could connect to the net because i always bring my laptop in office. Sad to say also, all our three computer units in office were also damaged due to water that has penetrated our office.

Hope to see you soon, again on Monday...and for sure I will miss posting my blogs this weekend.

And tomorrow will be the interment of my late granny....

I will miss you all....


  1. hey..will miss u too..come back soon and have a happy weekend..

  2. PS, Priya and Prams,

    thanks to you back now, just this morning, uhhmmm, yesterday i should say...earlier than expected...