Thursday, October 15, 2009


People of any race
Always love the place
Rewarding to spend time
In its splendor divine
Such a wonderful space.

For Amias' Acrostic Only


  1. I always dreamed of going to Paris, but it didn't come true. However, I have seen lots of picture and I have visited it in my fantasy world. Good acrostic!

  2. Paris?

    that will remain a dream for me...

    thanks dear Amias for the wonderful comment...


  3. heyy..wonderful acro..:) thnx 4 sharing..nw it has becum dream 4 me even..hehe..:)

  4. Madhu:

    let's not tire dreaming, okay...?

    ...who knows, someday, sometime, somehow I will meet my good friend Mads in PARIS!!!


  5. Wow... wanna visit the place once..:)..:)

    Hey.. Do u celebrate diwali at ur place..?? we have diwali vacation now..i'm enjoying the holidays...

  6. Diwali here...but based from many posts i read about it, it's funtime in your place like new year...firecrackers...and food...?

    if you will visit it, care to bring me with you? like a luggage huh! ha ha ha..


  7. Hey Amity :)

    this was wonderful description of paris! well written!
    could form a picture in my mind!!

  8. yah? oh thanks i was able to make a vivid simple form...


  9. Amity, Paris is a place for any race. I love it that way! Splendid and wonderful are excellent word choices when we are limited to four per line. ;-)

  10. Congratulations! You have won a BAP Awards, for for this poem. Click HERE and scan down!

    Ha! I bet you didn't think you would win two! I thought this was so fun and refreshing to read!

  11. Thank you so much Amias...:)

    I was just having fun and didn't think I would win any. A good start...and hopefully more badges will come my way...:)

    I will claim my award soon and have it posted here in my place...:)