Thursday, October 01, 2009


See the sun sets in the horizon which
Unveils another beautiful
Night where the moon and the
Stars adorn the evening sky
Each twinkling brightly
To show God's magnificent creations!


  1. beautiful is the only adjective whch i cd use for ur works....:))

    leo's nd yr blog is the only place where i find interesting nd amazing acrostic work...thnks for the add :))

    bookmarked this blog ;))


  2. Oh Solitary Writer...

    thanks a lotttt!!!!

    you know, we each learn from other's works isn't it? it gives me a different kind of high when you would tell me i've done something good and this encourages me to make better posts in the future!

    thank you again...


  3. :)) and i hope to read more of your work in the writers lounge as well :)

  4. oh no, i felt i failed over there you know...because my first post there was like a movie which went down the drain, ha ha ha....

    i will try again and maybe it was a mistake coz i was so smart joining others but i was not really smart because i don't have the luxury of time...

    but i will, again, promise, lest my membership will be cancelled, ha ha ha!

    thank you son!

  5. wow..very beautiful as that of a see shore sunset...

  6. thanks Prams,

    i love sunsets along the shore and i love the evening sky when the moon and stars are up in the sky on a cloudy night...

  7. thank you Raaji...

    please do come back...