Friday, October 02, 2009


Pen does its tasks
Of scribbling carefully
Each ideas and
Thoughts of the
Solitary writer.

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  1. oh how lovely Amity... this is KISSed beautifully! :)

    you're like a pro writer.. this doesn't seem the work of a beginner to me! :) keep writing, your thoughts are very beautiful.

  2. really Leo?

    thank you so much...promise i will write some more...was thinking to go back to school to hone this interest of mine but i've got so many mentors now so there's no need...

    nice day son!:)

  3. Amity,

    Vysh is away with work calling her to a place without a good connection to internet. Her blog has been removed, by some one who has accessed her account, without her knowledge. She will be coming back soon, with a new blog if not the old one. :) She has told so.

    She sends her regards! :)

  4. thank you Leo for letting me know what's up with Vyshu...i just missed her so much...

    wish she would be back soon...

    i even emailed her but she didn't respond yet, now i understand why...

    thanks son for taking the time to let me know of her predicament...and that hacker who spoiled her account? poor soul! maybe out of envy?

    thank you again!:)

  5. HI AMity,

    That's an awesome post..Keep writing dear..:)

  6. beautifully written indeed dear:)..sorry was out for a week:)..will surely follw ur interesting ang lovely writings dear:)...thank u for ur patience:)...hope to see u more:)

  7. Lovely acrostic...yes that is the essence of the poet, solitary writers putting thoughts on paper. Hope to read more of your acrostics in the future.

  8. You are so right, we are all "solitary writers". This is indeed a very lovely acrostic, you kiss'ed it!

  9. Prams:

    ...thanks dear! yes, I will keep on writing coz I'm happy doing it!


  10. Hello Yellow Tulip,

    ..thanks your back in the limelight, he he he...

    and thank you for inspiring me!

    nice day ahead!:)

  11. Hello The Write Girl,'re new here but thank you so much...

    yes, i promise to post more acrostics coz am havin' fun doing it!

  12. Hi Amias, know am really learning a lot from you and Leo's...

    what more can i say but thanks so much to both of you...

    hope i can post today my entry to your acrostics contest...

    see yah!:)