Monday, October 05, 2009

Writing: An Escapist's Route to Relief

(Hmmm....quite an intriguing and hilarious title. But seriously now, this is my piece).

Feeling sad and hurt?
Depressed and lonely?
Again, Write!
Alone and helpless?
Just Write!

It is the best way to escape the harsh realities in life. It gives you sheer delight, real passion, pure contentment, and wonderful peace of mind, once you start to scribble what's in your mind. Sounds funny? Nope! If it does, it only shows you don't belong to the genre.


When Leo commented on my last post 'POETS", he told me I am writing like a pro and that my post was Kissed beautifully. I smiled of his comment and I felt I was on cloud 9! He didn't only know I'm really havin' fun writing acrostics coz' I saw how he wrote his own acrostics in his blogsite "Figments of Imagination". "Thanks Leo".

Then he told me about Amias' "Acrostic Only" site. I tried to search it coz' Amias is maintaining so many sites and there I found out what Leo was talking about. Pardon me Amias but when you said "have fun", "am really havin' fun my dear". And maybe I was able to express it well like my post on TEARS and INSECURE because I am in such a dilemma when I was working on them.

But it doesn't mean that when I will be posting my acrostics on SUICIDE and BLEEDING, I am also contemplating of doing that. But no! See for yourself and wait till I can post them.

It was just last month when I tried my hand on poetry and acrostics. If I may ask, is there a difference? And when fellow bloggers ( I will be giving them due recognition in my acrostic 'VERSATILE WRITERS", but can't assure you it will be KISSed beautifully), started commenting that I did well, I was overwhelmed and then I kept on writing.

Looking back on my older posts, they seemed vague and uninteresting. I even tried short story writing titled "Just Color My World", but it's no short at all. I finished seven long chapters already, yet the ending chapter is not yet written. I don't know when will I be inspired to continue penning it.

Will I go back to narrative writing? It's just that as of now I'm havin' fun at writing acrostics and other forms of poetry. Again, thank you so much Leo and Amias.

Note: I already posted my entry to Amias' contest on BREAST CANCER acrostic. And yes, Lena already posted my entry to her 55 Fiction Contest titled "The Gift", which is Entry #5. Please give some comments, I beg of you, coz' up to now nobody got the real story yet, the conflict and the twist?


  1. stepping fwd each day..tats gr88..n yah...writing is something tat gives a lot of joy...:):)'s a pleasure to be immersed in it :):)

  2. its good to see u write more often nd all ur posts r amazing!!!

  3. Priya dear,

    thank you for coming again here...


  4. Solitary Writer:

    ..don't you know i just cried a couple of hours ago coz a stalker posted a comment in my latest post at WL i almost wanted to sue admin and was about to withdraw my membership there. thanks for shraddha whoever he is coz after reading his post...i now understand it...

    thank you steph for being here again...

  5. P.S. Steph,

    I almost did not eat my lunch because of that helluva of a stalker!

  6. Amity,

    i have replied to ur comment in Shraddha's post.. and Shradds is not a HE but a SHE :)

    you are indeed a very talented writer at the Lounge, and please do not leave it.

  7. P.S. Amity,

    hope you did have your lunch and are not starving coz of you-know-who!

  8. Leo,

    i feel elated every time you recognize my talent...

    yah sure, I will not leave the Writers Lounge and to prove, i have posted two blogs today... please visit it...

    sorry for Shraddha, now i know she's a girl, thank you Leo for the info...

    thanks also for your commenting on my comment at Shraddha's post...

    well, i don't want to waste my time brooding on my disappointment with that monster, and never to starve myself...good I was enlightened by Shraddha.

    thank you leo...