Thursday, October 15, 2009

KISS it!

It was midnight, when suddenly, the phone rang. I jumped to my feet and was confused if I have to answer the call or not. Unholy hour of the night? And who should call me? And why? It was even brown out.

I was trembling, lifted the receiver, and did not say hello to whoever was calling because I was thinking this must be a prank caller. But to my utter shock and dismay, the one on the other end started blabbering “I know you will answer the phone coz’ you are alone in your room”, the voice went but I could hardly decipher who he is. "Alone in my room?" I thought to myself. How would he know I am alone? It sent shivers down my spine.

“So that’s the reason you’re enjoying your life at bloggerville because everybody seems to be kissing you there?” the voice continued. “I am just your silent follower but I was shocked when a couple of people told you that your work was kissed beautifully”, he said as if with feelings of remorse.

I suddenly laughed, and mumbled to myself “what an idiot of a creature he could be”. And before I could explain to him about the kissing interlude he was talking about, the line went dead.

Whoever you are silent follower, thank you so much. But maybe, Amias can lecture you on that on her “Acrostic Only” site.


  1. I love this story, but it was a bit scary.

    To the unknown caller, KISS it means, Keep It Short and Sweet" ...

    Now that you know this, I will await part two of this story ---!

  2. yah, and that caller remains a mystery to me...up to this time, whenever our phone rings i'd always feel nervous...hope he's not the stalker at WL...

    telling him what it means would be enough lesson for him, i guess...

    nice day Amias!:)

  3. that true?? or fiction..??

    sweet but little scary too..:)

    Keep up the good work..

  4. what do you think dear...???

    it's only the writer who knows what's real or fiction, he he he...

    thanks and hugs!:)

  5. if its fiction... wonderful :D good imagination!! :)

    if its true... unknown caller is romantic. :P be careful amity.. :D

    good scary story!! :) :D

  6. ha ha ha...just keep on reading my other oncoming post...fiction or not, am thankful for considering it wonderful...

    that prank caller? of course i would be very careful...

    thank you son...:)