Saturday, October 24, 2009

My Very First Love

Most of the time, I would meet my love at the library
Yearning to have a wonderful rendezvous and rhapsody                                                    

Visually, I like how my love looks so attractively
Every part is as significant equally
Romantically I would run my fingers all over him
Yet he remains cold and no feelings at all towards me.                                                    

For quite a long time, I acted so much like a fool
Instantly, he became an inseparable part of my whole
Remembering now those times, I wonder how I became so engrossed
Spending so much time and never wanting to lose
Till I would have learned everything I'm so amused.                                                                  

Looking back now on how I spent my life with my first love
Only God knows but I could only smile now
Verily I say, I found a new love one I vow
Ever better than the first one I have somehow.

P. S. To my readers, if you know my new-found love, just put your comments here…I intended not to spell it out here, and am sure you know who my first love is here…I would appreciate each and every comment you will make….:)


  1. beautifully expressed :) who is it ....u always keep it in suspense yaar..


  2. ha ha hemu..why don't you make a guess...?

    of course, i learned a lesson already from you...:)

    nice day Hems...:)

  3. very sweet one Amity!
    great job..

    what about the true story of your last blog post..

  4. woww...hmm..hmm..frst luv..:) so b'fuly described..!!! wnt me to it blogging, if m rite..?? excuses asked fr being wrong..:) whosever it is, true luv is reflected from ur wrds..:)

  5. well written indeed,....lucky one!!!who??

  6. yeah, really Shrads?

    about my 55 fiction, Anne died, she has to be sacrificed for the sake of the baby and it was her soul who went looking for Dave...sad isn't it? but it does happen...

    can i post in my sidebar the pic gifts you gave me?

    have a nice day to you and the lovely twins...:)

  7. Hello Mads;

    that's my second love my dear? try to make another guess...Clue: before the advent of computers, we're hooked into it coz there's no other way we can learn and educate ourselves independently...;)

    i want another guess from you Mads...:)

  8. ..Hello Hary...

    not really someone whose breathing...:)

    go back to the sixth line and you'll know who is my first love...:)

    clue: in spite of how devoted i am, seemed not to respond at all, because.......


  9. Beautiful acrostic.You have a knack of kindling readers' interest.The blog too looks great.Thanks for your suggestion.I will follow and hope my stories would be less boring.Do give me your email ID at
    I wish to write

  10. it fr bookss.....hmmm??? u luv dem a lott..rite.?? m jus guesssssssssssing..:)

  11. KP;


    and hope to see an improvement in your post soon.

    okay, sure...:)

  12. Mads:

    hey, you got it right...:) am sure you love them too, me? so much, that was before computers became the next addictive thing...:)

    when i was yet a child, i would read anything and even steal from our elementary school library books that i would love to read, he he he...:)

    that's a secret between us huh!

    have a happy Sunday Mads!


  13. Dear Amity,
    First time here n i can relate a lot!books,my all time friends,my strength n weakness;hiding books under pillows even during exams,holding books in one hand while having food,reading books,while walking,
    i am simply crazy!and now,much time is taken by pc for blogging!:)
    felt nice reaching your space!
    have a great day ahead!
    and i liked your style of making the readers participating in your writings.
    have a great day ahead!

  14. heyy..nice to kno dat..u luv too..dey re our all time frnds..hav jus strted luving dem,bt m nt crazyyy like u..:) though i wish to b sumday..heheh..:)

  15. Hello Anu,

    thanks for comin' be my site, it's a pleasure and thanks you enjoyed reading my post here...:)

    i will bookmark you so i can also follow your writings, in lieu of book addiction...:)

    have a nice day...:)

  16. Hello Mads...

    yah, it's books,, books and books but since the advent of computers and lately blogging, that's my new craze this time, to the point that my hubby is getting irritated coz blogging is eating up my time for him...he he he...he's beside me, askin' who is Mads...:)


  17. HI Amity,

    good one yet again..haha..

    what else can be a library love other than a writer???

    it can also be a regular visitor of the libraryyy ?? what sayy ??

    hehe ... Sorry fr being latehere.. got struck up with work ..:)

    Have a happy weekend..

  18. Hello Prams,'re here, and better late than nevah!

    yeah, are you also? i mean you also fell in love with books like me?

    but i have a new found love now, guess what?


  19. lover of books eh? :) me too! i love to read read read! :)

    good acro Amity!

  20. thanks so much Leo...:)

    that was the hit before the advent of computers and of blogging lately, but blogging is taking the shelves of books in our minds, isn't it?

    good morning...:)

  21. Lovely, tender words. Nice work and glad you are joining us at OSI. Hugs,G

  22. hello Geraldine,

    thanks so much for being here...:)

    sure, i will be a regular, and this is my 2nd week at OSI, my first was CONQUER and i was quite amazed at how my fellow OSI contributors responded.

    i could only thank Leo...:)

    Hugs, too!