Wednesday, October 07, 2009

I Fell In Love...

I fell in love with writing
Like the way I fell in love with him
I’d have sleepless nights and counting
Much the way I am sleepless because of him
I find no time to eat my food
When great thoughts and ideas occupy my mood
Then I have no appetite to eat
Until I’d just fast with much guilt.

Oh writer, how could you be
Such a hopeless romantic
Each movement of the pen
Each  beat of the heart
Moves in perfect rhythm 
To satiate your love.


  1. love and writing, very nicely mixed up! good one Amity! :)

    hey i dint knew u had a twin.. there are two Amity's in ur followers list! :D

  2. uhmm, my twin? nope Leo, that's my first site then i decided to use it for my daughter to chronicle her life, but i can't change the profile pic i don't know how to do it!

    and as of now, i haven't written a new membership to WL and my interests in joining Lena's and Amias' contest kept me busy...

    what can i say, you always come first commenting my posts? my deepest gratitude son!

    i again have a new post at WL...same as about the stalker...


  3. loved it !!!! so kinda true for many writers :) blogrolling u !! Hope u dnt mind !

  4. awww lovely....tats a gr8 mixture...of feelings dear :)

  5. Hello there PS, last you came to visit me and hope this won't be the first and the last..

    care to read other back posts of mine, hope you don't mind...

    i'll add you up, too, and hope you don't mind dear!

    nice day PS!:)

  6. Hi Priya!

    ...thanks so much you agree with me...isn't iit dear?