Monday, October 05, 2009


Feathery soft fingers and toes
Reddish skin all over
And a beautiful face
Giggling amiably
In her mother's lap
Looking lovable and
Endearingly cuddly.


  1. hey amity,

    lovely one about the cute kid..

    Read ur lines for vyshu on the right pane..For ur info: her blog posts have been deleted by someone..she is away now.

  2. hello Prams,

    yeah, Leo told me that someone did it... and she's away for work where net connection is impossible...hope she'll be back soon!

    thanks dear!:)

  3. she will be Amity..! :)
    this poem is very very sweet! lovely acrostic.. u r taking to this form like a duck to water! brilliant! :)

    Do drop by here when free

  4. yes Leo, i already read your latest post before i could manage to give my comments and then there was power breakdown in our place due to a typhoon...quite late in giving my piece on your post this time, and i hate the thought you know! how could your post gain followers as many as that? I was the last and that's the 84th comment? Whaaaa...I envy you Leo! Wish someday I would be like you...

    ha ha ha, thanks for admiring my work with so much zest! it gives me a different kind of high.:)

  5. Amity:

    u weren't last... :) still have some more readers to come! Solly, Lena, Anu are still due... Vyshu too once she returns! some other readers... u r definitely not last!

  6. \Leo:

    that would be fine...please visit my 55 Fiction entry in Lena's contest, titled "The Gift". It's entry # 5. Up to now, nobody got the story yet...

  7. Amity, this is so very gentle and beautifully written. I so enjoyed it. Even without the photo the poem is very visual.

  8. soo b'fuly written..keep it up..!!!


  9. Mads hello there!

    thank you for coming here, i hope that you will continue to be visible in my place...

    and thanks for your comment!