Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Just Color My World

Joyously I wrote it
Unfortunately only one read it
So that was my first attempt
To write a short story then.

Call it a neophyte’s toil
Or a beginner’s labor
Let it be that way
Or call it anything you may
Right me if I am wrong.

Maybe I was just ambitious
Yes, but does it really matter if I am curious?

Will somebody at least
Or anyone of you would please
Really appreciate my wish
Like my own efforts of
Doing something I am weak.


  1. heyy..wonderful ya..u're writin so gudd..may all ur efforts b appreciated, nd wishes cum true, as u r worth of deserving..:)

  2. hello Mads,

    this is the title of my short story :Just Color My World" and it's still in the making, you know...i was able to post 7 chapters of it already...

  3. ok..i wasn't aware of it..nice to learn..will def read dem..all the vry best to u..!!!

  4. yah, i forget to add it on the last part...and KP, your uncle? i thought she's a sorry about tat!

  5. heyy..thnx a lot fr dropin at my space..ya..i told u yesterday na, de's some prob, my updates are nt visible at other's blog..jus help me out if u kno hw to resolve this prblem..neways, keep visitin..!!!

  6. n ya abt KP..oh my God..u didnt knew..haha..he's like a grand fther to me..:)newys, even i was also mistaken befor i gt to kno him..gr8 person..!!!

  7. I liked this poem.You write very well.
    Thanks for your comment on ghost story.I wished to reply you through mail.
    Did my stories give the impression they were from a girl.I have not used pink colour or its variants too anywhere in my pictures.I am a man in my twilight years.

  8. Queen of acrostics !! (after amias ofcourse ;) ) loved this one as much ur others !

  9. Hello KP:

    yah i thought you were a lovely young girl esp. when i told you twas so hard to remember and type your name but you rather advised me to just write KP. Sorry about it sir!

    and about the look of your site, a lil' girly but i'm just wondering why it's a lil' bit unorganized as like the way girl bloggers do...

    and your stories, it seems you just directly type them in the post editor and more often than not, forgot to edit some minor clerical errors, too, sorry about that sir...

    and you are fond of writing short stories i would sometimes wonder if they are fiction or not...

    but the best story i've read was The Last Straw, not that i can relate to it coz I have a great and loving hubby, but there exists realities like it, and it's really well written... i tip my hats off to you sir!

    have a nice day sir!:)

  10. Hello PS,

    oh thank you so much fellow cyber angel at WL, he he he...

    yah, i just loved writing acrostics, i just recently discovered i can really be good at it...

    but your encouragement and praises can do and inspire me that much...

    thank you so much girl...


  11. Madhu:

    you could ask help from Leo or the others about it so they can do something...i just did yesterday when my template went wrong, and they were able to check it...

    and yes, thanks for the info about KP's...i feel bad addressing him before as a girl...

  12. Oh I like this one too Amity Me.
    I am going to post it at AO for Prompt #7 ..

    You keep on writing because you do have talent!

  13. hey..Amity,

    very colorful post...soo soo deeply touched..wish u a colorful life ..:)

  14. oh Prams, i've missed you, you know...coz you often come here as the first to do some comments, but anyway, thanks you're here...

    yah, thanks for the good wishes...:)

  15. Absolutely wonderful Amity...
    Good thing Amias decided to post it for Poet's choice..
    this is a very strong contender!! :)

  16. Amias dear, are the driving force that makes me more creative...really an inspiration...

    HUGS!:) from li'l sis...:)

  17. Leo:, too, keeps on inspiring me...and i guess that's good news for me...hope i can make it...hmmm...wistful thinking you know...