Thursday, October 22, 2009

The Gift ....55 Fiction

The room is ready for baby Ashley’s arrival. Brightly decorated and completely adorned. Her cries in the delivery room announced her arrival. Anne eagerly looked for Dale and went ahead of the doctors to break the news of their baby’s arrival. She found him in the hospital chapel crying miserably and uncontrollably with her parents.

(This was my entry to Lena's 55 Fiction Contest at The Colors Magazine last month. I wanna see how you interpret the story. I cannot think of anything to post right now, hence I thought of this as a better alternative with permission of course from Lena, even immediately after the contest.)


  1. heyy..may b a nice write sorry ya,poor me culdn't interpret..:( my brain is nt allowin....whts tha twist..hmm?? do leme kno..

  2. ...i will my dear, after some more comments, okay? i do not want to preempt other's interpretation...:)

    thanks Mads...:)

    have a nice evening...:)

  3. ok ya..i kno, others will def cum out wid wide range of interpretetions..its fun..:)
    m eagerly waitin to know the crux of the story....!!!!

  4. ok..i wanna gues..may b Anne is some friend(of the couple), nd Dale is baby' father, found him crying owing to some mishappening..:(
    is it so..was jus a fluke..:)

  5. Hey Mads...

    just keep on guessing dear...:)

    you're almost there...:)

  6. hmm..i need to keep guessting..:)..will revert back if i get smething interesting..:)

  7. ..aha???...

    sure, you're always welcome my dear...:)

  8. you were the first to comment at Lena's place that the baby died...:(

  9. i dint say anything abt baby dying was aniket not me ..i commented the suspense was still on at lena's place..:)...actually its the mom who is no more as she gifted him the daughter and was no more to share the happiness...i was thinking this but wanted to know ur version of the ending :)...


    p.s:check the comments at colors magazine it was not me...:)..

  10. Amity, I'd be happy to host any form of poetry you have on my Acrostic Size Me blog or on My Poetic Travels Zone. Email me at

  11. ...ha ha ha, sorry hems, memory lapse...:)

    hope it won't be repeated anymore, so embarrassing you know...:)

    yeah, i have to check your comment at Lena's...:)

    nice day Hems...:)

  12. Hello Missy,

    ...thanks, have to check your site every now and then...:)

    aside from my entry at Amias' on FAITH, i have another, i may email it to you this day...:)

    nice day ahead Missy...:)


  13. This makes me think of the deeply mixed emotions that come with significant change.

  14. ...but it does happen, isn't it Sandy?

    ...fiction though but it really happens...:)

    thanks Sandy for being here again...:)

  15. heyy..high tyme nw..plss let us kno the suspense...:)

  16. Ellow Mads...:)

    oh sure, the story is all about...:)

    Anne died giving birth to Ashley, she has to be sacrificed for the baby's sake, it was her soul that went ahead of the doctors to look for Dale, but of course he found him crying with much remorse, but that was the best decision because Anne had complications...

    sad, isn't it?

  17. her soul..omg..!!! why it dint clicked me..lolzz..:) newys..was nice..thnx 4 sharing it..:)

  18. Mads, oh Mads, you're enjoying my place...:)

    of course, you can interpret the story is several ways which i can't see.

    Lena advised me to make a clearer conception, he he he...:) so as not to mislead readers or keep them guessing...:)