Tuesday, October 27, 2009

T'was a bad hair day...

I was asked yesterday to transact official business today at the Governor's Office in Tuguegarao City which is a four hours drive from our place. Our service vehicle has to leave at 5:30 AM in the morning. I woke up at 4:30 AM so I have one hour to prepare myself and have breakfast but....t'was a mess, a bad start because instead of proceeding to have my breakfast and take a bath after, I still opened my laptop and checked on my mails and sent someone a short message and what happened? You might be shocked:

Beep...beep...beep....went the service vehicle in front of our house and I was still in front of my lapi! I ran to the bathroom and:

- took a 5 minutes shower;
- brushed my teeth for 1 minute;
- put on my clothes for a bare 2 minutes;
- gulped my one mug of coffee in 30 seconds;
- munched the almost burnt toasted bread I put in the toaster for 1 minute;
- instructed my kids in 1 minute who will also leave in the morning for their enrollment in Baguio City....

Then I grabbed my bag and the folder of documents and ran out of the house and rode inside the vehicle waiting for me with disheveled hair and a not made up face and everybody was shocked to see my present state, until they all laughed together at my sorry state.

I requested the driver to turn on the lights inside as it was still dark so I can comb my hair and put some loose powder on my cheeks and apply lipstick on my lips.

And when the wind blew on my face, I smelt of another fragrance! Oh no! It was my son's perfume that I sprayed on myself? Whaaaa....what a day!!!

This is the first time that this scenario happened in my whole working life and the culprit is: being addicted to blogging!!! I just smiled to myself and ignored their laughters....


  1. omg..!!! m burstin into laughterss..lolzz..:)
    njoyed readin yr state..hehe..joking..it happens re..i can understand..take a chill-pill..:)

  2. ha ha ha...Mads, don't know what to say, but i was so dumb this morning and when i was inside the vehicle, i could only smile laugh silently at myself...:)

    maybe i need to take a long break from blogging before everything else in my life crumbles...:)

    but i can't, t'will make me sick and bored especially now that my kids are going back to school for the second sem....

  3. Extremely beautiful blog..with some great posts...

    Keep up the good work!!

    Do visit mine..(Though its not as good as yours)

    Looking forward to more wonderful posts..(Following your blog)


  4. hahahah...nice read..but y ai can undertsand ur then situation .. hehe ..:)


  5. lol..was that me you were talking about?

    that picture also looks like me..lol!

  6. ho ho now that happens due to obsessive blogging...yu managed to make us laugh in the end..! Son's perfume? ha ha! nice one!

  7. heyy..even for me its a felling of great pleasure to c u around,which can't be rlly expressed in wrds..thnk u so vry much ..:)
    bt ya,wht happened to u..why devastated n al..hope,everythin is rite over dre..cheer up my friend..:)dnt ever let those thots ponder around u..wish to c u as happy as ever..:)

  8. Daydreamer,

    not a dreamer like me huh!

    thanks for your comments...be blogrolling you too.

    sorry but the succeeding posts might not be as wonderful, they might be gray and sad!

    P.S. don't be a dreamer or a hopeless romantic, it's not good, it kills!

  9. Prams;

    tink you dear for understanding me, but i hope this post gave a smile on your face...:)

  10. Shrads hello,

    am happy we're on the same boat...

    so you can really relate to my dilemma?...LOL

    then let's go get our share of the mess that a working mom is prone to...

    have a nice day Shrads!

  11. Hello HaRy;

    son's perfume? LOL....

    and when i went to the back after arriving from my official travel:

    - the guard smiled at me - unusual;
    - the Janitor smiled at me - really unusual; and
    -the Teller smiled at me - so, so unusual

    because all of them are guys, then suddenly, the Janitor chided, "Ma'am, we're happy you still come though the bank has closed already( i was allowed to enter at the back door)because I like how you smell"...Huh!

    Oh no, this is it HaRy!

    tyvm for your funny comments, too!

  12. PS:

    hey gurl, thanks i made you happy, at least, for now, but for the next few days, i hope i will be posting blogs on a happy note, if not the opposite my dear...:(

  13. Hemu:

    glad i made you smile....unlimitedly...is this right?

    because in the next few days, i don't know how my post would sing!:(

  14. Hary, that should BANK, NOT back...sorry for the typo!

  15. Oh Madhu,

    thanks you're here again, your presence eases the pain of my sufferings today...:(

    i wanna cry, but don't ask me why coz i can't tell you why...:(

    please be around Mads!

    thanks again!!! HUGS!!!

  16. Hary, that should be BANK, not back....:( oh, sorry, it only shows somethin's wrong with me today!

  17. Leo;

    thanks i made you sneer, made you laugh, made you smile...:)


  18. This was super funny! I think we all have been there .. and it doesn't get better, so you must learned never to turn on your lap top before work!

    Thank you for all the wonderful comments on my acrostic. Also, you can write the acrostic anyway you like, the only time you follow instructions is if you want to win a badge.

    Otherwise, just have lots of fun!

  19. Thank you Amias, sure it was a bad hair day, but on a lighter note, t'was really funny!

    i will never learn a lesson, coz it makes me sick if i will not check on my mails, blogs, etc.'

    I will surely have fun for this month's prompts at your AO.

    see you there!!!


  20. Hilarious.I never knew you could write rib tickling humourous pieces. Please keep them comong regularly.They add spice to the blog and provide variety.The smile is still lingering!!