Friday, October 16, 2009

My Princess, My Best Friend

She’s my princess

My loving friend

Who as a child was precocious

And lovingly curious.

She grew up pampered with love and care

By loving and caring parents so rare

She lives in a simple abode

With two brothers of her own.

She told me once she wants a brainy man

And I urge her she goes find one

She confides in me when she is down

And I’d help her erase that frown.

She tells me she hates pretender

Who tries to put good friendship asunder

I’d tell her learn to be forgiving

To make her life worth living.

She dreams to be great someday

And make her parents proud of her one day

She dreams to build a happy family

Like the one she has grown up fully.

She’s my daughter

My loving friend

Michelle Kaye is her name

And someday would be famed.


  1. You are so very blessed Little Sister, daughters are so very precious. Hold them close as long as you can, and when it's time for you to let go, they will be your friend.

  2. ..thank you dear Amias...

    ...yes, i know, the inevitable will come, when they will soon build a new life of their own, but what's good is that we are best friends...hope she will not change till the end...: