Wednesday, October 07, 2009


Good riddance, I have not seen one. A real frightening one. But in my wildest dreams they seem to chase me no end as if they are real. They want my heart out for them to feast on. And I would cry for help but nobody seems to help.
How much I would like to wake up and free myself from those nightmares. But the more I do the more they run after me until I would be breathless in chasing me no end. I would grope for my crucifix but can’t find anything like it. Then I’d cross my fingers hoping it would do the trick. Tales have it that garlic can help but can’t find a single clove of it.
One late night while travelling with friends from far way, I can’t believe what my big brown eyes have seen. A white lady holding a candle was coming our way. I shouted at the driver while everybody at the back seat cowered for safety, frightened like a child believing they can hide.
So how many stories have been told of white ladies? Who often show in cemeteries, roads and homes? But I also have stories to tell that ghosts visit my dreams and encountered a white lady though she looked like a hoax.
The ghosts we see in dreams are products of folklores and tales of the olds. If you believe in God no ghost really exists.
Such faith would save us from fear!


  1. If we believe in God, no ghosts exist... :) wow! true Amity...
    lovely non fiction! :)

    ps: to change ur profile pic, u have to go to "edit profile" in ur dashboard, from there remove first pic and then upload new one from ur comp! :)

  2. thanks Leo for showing me how...

    i will try it when i have time...


    P.S. can I post my regular posts here at the WL? I saw Stephen have done it, his latest post in his site.

  3. hey Amity,

    well done with this..yaa, no ghosts nothing..just what u feel is what u see..

    Btw, what's the form of this write up called??

  4. ellow Prams,

    he he he, i was joining Amias' contest on acrostic short story, limited to 250 or less words only...the title is GHOSTS, each paragraph should start with the letters of it...

    i am not bent on winning but i guess i am havin' fun doing it...

    try it dear...even just for fun!:)

  5. You did well Amity. The truth is, so a person think so they are -- at least that what I was told, and looking at my life now I can bear witness to it. If you think you see a ghost, then a ghost will appear.

    I really enjoyed reading this, don't know how I missed it!

  6. thanks so much big sis for recognizing my work..
    that would really encourage me to go on writing...and it's giving lots of fun, too...

    i will miss you this week end coz i dont have net connection at home due to brown outs caused by typhoons in our place. i can only get connected when i am in office...