Tuesday, October 13, 2009


Sweet surrender of life
Unraveling her weakness
Inside her heart
Causing sorrows
In people she left behind
Dying she thought would give
Everlasting peace of mind!


  1. Amity Me, it's impossible for me to read this small pink on light blue. Could you change the font color or make it larger?

  2. sad acrostic Amity :(
    it hits the mark..

  3. one of the saddest realities tat exist :(

  4. Amias:

    thanks big sis for the suggestion and now I know what color to use, thanks so much...:)

  5. Hello Priya:

    ...good, i never thought of doing it, i just had in mind how it feels when one does it.

  6. heyy..mastering acros..hmm..nice 1 ya..revealing the pain..
    keep penning more..!!!
    nd ya, u mite nt see my updates on yr blog..sum prob is dre, so pll keep visiting, hmm..:)

  7. Hi Mads:

    yap, am enjoying you know...and see my latest post at WL, about acrostic...to prove am really havin' fun...

    problems about what?

    and yah, what's wrong with my template now? Preetilata made this for me, but I can't find Preety now...


  8. hey amity,

    good read..but i would not agree on "Sweet surrender"..probably its not in my view..and the rest of the lined touched me alott..

    so how did u enjoy on this weekend??

  9. heyy..no..its nt wrong wid ur template, actually m facing a problem, my blog updates are nt being shown in other's posts..dats wht i was sayin, so better if u keep visitin..:)

  10. Hello Prams,

    it was a tiring weekend, and of course i missed you all guys...

    sweet surrender? ahmmm...i was thinking that if i the one resorting to one, it would be sweet surrender of life...ha ha ha.

    there's something wrong with my template, i don't know how to correct it...

    please help, Preety has peoblems with her net connection according to Lena.

  11. Oh Amity Me, this is so very sad, and well written. I shall link it at AO, if you don't mind.

    So glad to see you back, hope you had a wonderful weekend.

  12. I forgot to say, my nephew just killed himself, and it was so very sad for his children. He had an incurable disease and couldn't live with the suffering.

  13. its a well written piece but i can never truly appreciate anything relating to suicide.

  14. Hi Big Sis,

    yah you can link it, but i guess i already did it a few hours back...but anyways, just link and i most honored.

    re: your nephew's suicide, i am so very sad hearing about it, but maybe, he's already tired and wanted to rest already...let's just pray for his soul that it may rest in peace...

  15. Hello Raaji,

    me, too, but i just thought about it...and i don't intend doing it...i am a happy person and i guess doing it is not really my personality...

    nice day to you!:)

  16. Congratulations! You have won a BAP Awards, for for this poem. Click HERE and scan down!

    This one hit close to home. I am so glad you have joined us Amity Me, I enjoy reading your poetry.

  17. Wow...this is great Amias...:)

    didn't think I would win here or in any of the acrostics that I wrote...I was just havin' fun you know...!

    Two badges in a month isn't bad at all...:)

    Have to work hard this month and have fun at the same time...:)

    Thank you Big Sis!