Tuesday, October 06, 2009


Vyshu is one of Life is Beutiful*
Equally with her is Priya of Journeying Through Life and
Rane does rain posts in Soul of A Woman
Such lovable friends and great people across the globe.
Amias is just a new friend to me
Till I admired her Acrostic Only
I was so amazed with Leo's works in  Figments of Imagination
Let alone his being a prolific writer
Err I forget Steph of Solitary Writer for his encouragement.

Windel of My Garden of Thoughts has tried but remained a neophyte**
Remarkable and intellectual is Lena's of The Colors Magazine
Inspirational, too is KParthasarathi of Ramdom Thoughts
Thanks to Preetilata of My White Window for my new template***
Even Pramoda of Being Pramodas for always being there for me
Raaji of Writing for Life just made a comment and I love it
Surely some more will add up to my list in the days ahead.****
Sorry for making an addendum to my acrostic. Just a few footnotes for my friends:
* I just missed her. Thanks Leo and Prams for letting me know of her predicament.
** Sorry to say you're a neophyte.
*** She made this very beautiful template of mine without even asking her. I love you Pree! But like Vyshu, I haven't heard from you for quite a time now. 
**** I will make a separate poem for them very soon.

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  1. me? prolific writer? :) thank you very much Amity...
    and am glad to have you as a reader and friend at FoI blog too..! i know you joined very early at my blog as a follower, but i could reciprocate only in this last few days.. i am glad to have done so and found a writer with talent and urge to write too! thanks again! :)

    ps: please do go to settings and disable word verification for the comments. it is difficult to do comments from mobile when it is enabled.. :) thank u!

  2. heyy..just popped into ur blog nd must say nice wrk u're doing..luvvly post it was, nd luved ur way of dedicating ur frnds..nice..vry diff idea..gr8..keep going..!!!

  3. Awww... that is such a creative poem dear :)
    I loved it!
    You are writing a lot these days, really a good thing :)

  4. And Preetu has problems with her net, once she gets it fixed I am sure you will hear from her :)

  5. HI...woww..such a sweet and colorful surprise u have give me ..Thank You soo much Amity..Would love to be there forever...:)

    U r welcome and Have a grt day...

  6. My little sister, you have a heart of pure gold ... thank you for calling me your new friend, as I feel the same about you.

  7. Leo:

    thank you so much for recognizing me at last...that's true i've been your follower for a long time already but thanks you're now always visible in my place...

    don't refute me for telling you're a prolific writer because you really are!

    your suggestion to disable word verification, i will and i've done it already...

    thanks son!

  8. for u...from me...

    thanks to you, i know you're new here in my site but i look forward to your constant presence here and want you to be my friend, too like the others...

    have a nice day!


  9. Lena:

    yah that's true, i am writing a lot these days...and you are one of my inspiration dear!

    can i post my 55 fiction entry here after you're done with judging?

    wish to hear from you...


    P.S., yes, like Vyshu, I really missed Pree, been quite a long time now since I heard from her...

    say my regards to her if you chance upon her...

  10. Hello Prams,

    yah, you're one versatile writer my dear and thanks for finding time to post about that "sheer shit" who hacked our Vyshu dear...

    more of my posts are coming, please feel free to be here...

    love you!


  11. Hi Amias,

    are you sure i am your little sister? hmmm...look at my profile so you will know how long i've been in this world, he he he...

    i've got new entries for your contest and will be posting some today...

  12. Hi dear :)

    Regarding your contest entry. Yes, you really can post it on your own blog after Saturday this week :)

    Have a nice day!

  13. Amity, I have a daughter your age, and one older than you --- when I say Little Sister, I speak with Honor and gratitude for knowing you.

  14. thank you Amias, my Big Sister...

    i'm happy for finding a big sister in you...and i am very much honored...

    i will continue to be supportive of your cause even in my own little ways...

    i love you Big Sister!