Thursday, October 15, 2009

Linen Moments

One early evening, feeling tired and blue

I marched to my room which is my comfort zone

I lied in bed and touched its soft sheets

And felt that my sore spirit has been relieved.

As if you comfort me when I am tired

And eases the pain when I am sad

I love you more when you are blue

But that is not the reason why I am blue.

I’d hug and kiss you like a lovely companion

I’ll wrap my body with you when I am cold

I’d cover my face with you when I am in tears

I really love my lonely moments with you.

For Amias' Acrostic Only


  1. hmmm...yah...isn't it great that even if they're just soft sheets, they really comfort us when we are sad and blue?...

    thanks Priya you're here again...:)

  2. This is a wonderful poem. I am sorry the instructions was cloudy. I read the acrostic you did on this prompt at WL and it was wonderful, you really did a good job with it.

    I will be careful with the instructions from now on. Now I am off to read your short story!

  3. Hello Big Sis:

    ...thanks you like it...

    well, no big deal sis...

    at least i've written one for WL and one here...

    hugs sis!

  4. hey soo lovelyyyy..:)

    WHat a neat bed room.. is that ur own pic..?? hehe.. :)

    U r in full flow today my many back to back posts..

  5. almost look like sheets are blue...

    yah, am inspired by people like you and then this brain of mine always keeps me busy at night so i always have a pen and paper beside me...

    thank you deary...!:)

  6. wonderful linen poem :)

    good pic too!! :)

  7. ...just to show and prove i really love blue colors...of any shade...

    i guess this is a better post than my linen moments at WL...


  8. Very nice, Amity. I had read your acrostic, it is great. But I didn't know about this one. Thanks for the heads up on this one and thanks for reading mine. I am having fun with these.
    I try not to read anyone's acrostic until I write mine. I don't want my mind to be predisposed towards any direction not of my own thinking.
    I saw your Morning Glory but didtn't read it yet. I will later when (and if) I get mine done. :-)

  9. ...good morning...

    ...thanks Jim for droppin' by my site...

    sure that's a great, hidden, too, i just use my imagination to create my posts...and am thankful that more often than not, i do not fail my readers...

    have a nice day sir!